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In March, One Voice is rallying for the wolves

In March, One Voice is rallying for the wolves

Mis à jour le 04 April 2023

Despite belonging to a protected species, wolves in France experience two hardships: they are victims of poaching as well as suffering from shots to keep farmers calm! One Voice is rallying throughout the month of March to inform the public of these massacres.

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174. This is the number of wolves who could be slaughtered this year completely legally. However, there are only 921 of them in France currently. Until the 18th century, there were between 15,000 and 20,000. They were already wiped out once and, in fact, the State is doing everything to get them eradicated once more.

Wolves: unjustly unloved animals

These intelligent animals evolve within a family unit in which the role of each member is determined to support their survival and the upbringing of the wolf cubs.

They play a key role in biodiversity and in particular help with the development of plant life and forests: with the return of wolves, herbivore populations must now move at a higher rate, spending less time eating, leaving time for the plant life to regenerate.

With all due respect to the hunters from the Drôme who ask to kill wild boars, which are too numerous according to them, and at the same time complain about no longer having enough to hunt when the wolves are more efficient than them…

Ineffective shots to protect animals destined for the abattoir

Shooting permits are granted easily by prefects without verifying if the protection measures for herds have been correctly and effectively implemented. Contrary to these killings, One Voice does not understand why this legal minimum has never been respected!

In fact, no study proves that killing wolves will reduce their impact on herds. It is the opposite even! Scientific research led in the state of Michigan published in 2018 concluded that shots on wolves could give rise to a false impression of declining predation. The situation could even get worse with the pack, destabilised by the loss of a member, operating in a disorganised manner.

One Voice taking legal action for the wolves

By definition, the shots must in theory remain exceptional since this is a derogation from the protection of wolves. However, prefectural decrees are copied and pasted, thus the justifications are often vague and stereotypical. On 27 January 2023, 2436 authorisations for slaughter are therefore in force, to kill... 174 wolves.

To put an end to this persecution, One Voice rallies before judges: firstly, for several years in a row at the State Council by requesting the cancellation of ministerial decrees fixing the conditions and the number of wolves that can be slaughtered, then before various administrative tribunals to get the decrees allowing lethal shots cancelled.

Despite our arguments being listened to by the Alpes-Maritimes Administrative Tribunal who cancelled the decree, for now, the others refuse to recognise the urgency in protecting wolves...

On 27 January 2023, two wolves had already been killed (including one being poached) according to official figures. These figures must nevertheless be interpreted with caution. As the chart has not been updated for a month, it is very likely that this sordid toll is higher in reality...

One Voice is rallying for them throughout the entire month of March. Our activists will therefore be in Saint-Maime on 5 March; on Saturday 11 March in Manosque and Nantes; but also in La Rochelle, Lyon, and Paris where they will expand the theme to include hunting; in Besançon, points of contact from the activist branches in Haute-Marne and Savoie/Haute-Savoie are joining up in a collective procession with the Pôle Grands Prédateurs and the Collectif Loup Massif du Jura; on 18 February, this will be happening in Lille, Nice, Troyes, Angers, and the following day in Bordeaux. Finally, our action will end on 25 March with on the ground action in Aix-en-Provence and Langres.

The details to date are below. It is possible that new towns will join the movement, for example Caen and Tours. National action listing all participating local One Voice activist branches. Be sure to check before going to the location as events may be changed up until the last minute.


Town/ date

Online event

Event location



Saint-Maime 05/11

Chemin du Fosson, parc de la Gare

10am - 2pm


Manosque 11/03

42, rue Grande

9am - 1pm


Nice 18/03

Place Masséna

2pm - 4pm


Troyes 18/03

71 Rue Émile Zola

3pm - 5:30pm


Aix-en-Provence 25/03

Allées de Provence

10:30am - 1pm


La Rochelle 11/03 (wolves and hunting)

Place de l'Hôtel de Ville

2pm - 4pm


Bordeaux 19/03

Place de la Comédie

2pm - 5pm


Nantes 11/03

Place Royale

3pm - 5pm


Angers 18/03

Rue Lenepveu

2pm - 5:30pm


Langres 25/03

Address to be confirmed

2pm - 7pm


Besançon 11/03 (One Voice branches in Haute-Marne and in Savoie/Haute-Savoie)

Joint press release - from the Battant car park to the Doubs Prefecture

14:30pm - 5pm


Lille 18/03

Rue des Tanneurs

3pm - 5pm


Lyon 11/03 (wolves and hunting)

Place Saint-Jean

1:30pm - 4pm


Paris 11/03 (wolves and hunting)

Place de l'Hôtel de Ville

1pm - 3pm


Avignon 25/03

Place du Change
10pm - 12pm

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Patricia | Wednesday 15 March 2023

Nous les humains faisons plus de dégâts à tous les niveaux et dans tous les domaines que tous les animaux sauvages réunis.

joelle | Saturday 04 March 2023

Le loup a toujours eu une réputation calamiteuse, et fait l'objet de mensonges à son encontre. Il serait largement temps de revenir à la raison et de ne pas se servir des soi disant dégâts qu'il occasionnerait pour se remplir une fois de plus les poches...n'est ce pas les malhonnêtes ??

cat | Friday 03 March 2023

Alors que tous les gens, se plaignent de la surpopulation des sangliers, nos préfets, les chasseurs et les braconniers assassins... ne pensent qu'à exterminer les loups ???? Cet animal qui est sûrement plus intelligent que l'homme " ça c'est mon point de vue" ... Cet animal magique..
qui est le seul prédateur du sanglier, alors stop au génocide du loup..

Lil | Friday 03 March 2023

Les humains doivent laisser la place à la faune sauvage, arrêter de chasser sur les territoires des loups et autres carnivores pour que ces derniers aient de quoi se nourrir. Avec tous les animaux d'élevage qui sont tués chaque jour, dont beaucoup pour rien vu le gaspillage alimentaire dans les cantines, les restaurants d'entreprises..... Il est possible de se nourrir sans massacrer la nature.