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Tigers and lions exploited for life in the Loiret

Tigers and lions exploited for life in the Loiret

Mis à jour le 20 June 2020

In August 2019, our investigators went to Loiret, to a tiger and lion trainer very well known in show business. As for their only horizon, these seven cats have only a few square meters of wire mesh. In addition to the captivity and training that make up their daily lives, the trainer organizes visits to individuals on his property several times a day, with the support of the tourist office of the department.

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In the garden and on the gates are lions' heads. We are without a doubt at the property of a trainer. For 27 years, Rémy Demantes has been raising and training big cats, with a cane in hand, for advertisements, film clips and television shows. The lions leave their enclosures and are then transported on the roads, to be exposed to the unknown, the noise and the lights, with noisy humans all around them.

When a baby tiger is born, it is irretrievably removed from its mother, and quickly exhibited in front of groups of humans, at the circus museum directed by the trainer, for a daily show of one hour. Private tours of the farm are offered to the public by the owner, not far from there ... Our investigators have reported images of these seven feline prisoners.

Seven tigers and lions locked up for life

Tanga is the oldest. She is fifteen years old and lives alone in a mesh enclosure of barely 35m², in the centre of which sits a rock and a tree trunk. Suffice to say that his prison is devoid of any enrichment.

The youngest, Mawak, born three months ago, left the trainers house for a 6 m² enclosure on garden tiles. No grass or clay for its little legs. When he finally comes out, on the end of a leash, he is refused the chance to play to play in the vines of the Virginia creepers.
No, he must do his business on demand, before the show, and pose for the photo with the visitors of the day, who can also hold him on a leash or shout "no" in a big voice to frighten him. The baby tiger is raised with a lot of slaps and small, well-felt blows on the head, using a wooden stick.

At the bottom of the garden, his parents, including Radja the white tiger, (these tigers exist only in captivity, the fruits from cross breeding between sick animals) and a tigress, Jade, who was seen roughly handling her baby. The menagerie, consists of cages that can barely contain them, are damp and smell very strong, all in a permanent building. How extremely sad to see them like this!

Nearby, Judy the tigress lives with Tina, a young lioness. Nothing is natural here. Tigers live alone when they are free and in the wild and on a different continent than that of lions! Timba, the lion in the enclosure next door seems weary and hopelessly bored and idle.

A lucrative activity supported by the tourist office

For his museum and the visit of to see his livestock, Rémy Demantes has received several awards «a heart of gold » from the department’s tourist office, which supports this activity from another era.
The trainer justifies this breeding and this training by draping himself behind the legality of his activities and uses the dangers of poaching of free tigers in the wild for his excuses. The existence of poaching or trophy hunting is a problem in itself to be combated, but is in no case a valid reason for reducing animals to a life of slavery, forever confined and enslaved.

Captivity: a danger for cats and humans

It is not love when you take a little one from its mother, you take her place to feed it and make it dependent on you, then you hit it while it tries to learn to be a tiger in the full sense of the term. It is not love to condemn an animal to a life of imprisonment. Because captivity, training, exhibition, homelessness, proximity to humans creates not only health risks on both sides, but dangers for humans on contact. The intense stress, which affects these animals' causes problems to their immune systems.

These practices must stop! The Loiret department, as well as the television channels, film and clip directors, actors, singers and advertisers must also take action against this captivity! Help us to denounce any use of wild animals in these contexts! Let us call together as one to demand that the tourist office of Loiret stops the promotion of this place !

Please contact the tourist office via their website by clicking here or by email at A sample letter is available for download here.

Julia Mothé
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anne | Friday 19 June 2020

Le désespoir et la résignation se lisent dans les yeux du tigre blanc! Quelle misère que de telles activités soient non seulement permises mais en plus soutenues par l'office du tourisme! Nous vivons dans un monde d'abrutis.
Avez-vous remarqué la voix cassante du dresseur disant au tigron: t'as pas le droit!"? Et lui, l'humain, il a le droit de retenir captifs et humiliés, toute leur vie durant, des êtres magnifiques nés pour être libres et puissants dans la nature. J'ai honte de faire partie de cette espèce pourrie qu'est l'humanité.

Françoise | Friday 19 June 2020

Bonjour, on se demande vraiment quand va passer la loi contre les animaux dans les cirques! A la fin c'est un ras le bol complet qui nous atteint. Si personne ne fait le nécessaire pour l'intégrité animale, nous allons boycotter la France entière et tant pis pour tous les voyageurs étrangers qui remplissent les caisses durant les périodes estivales. C'est vraiment dommage de devoir en arriver là.
Bonne journée

Coquillette | Thursday 18 June 2020

Il faut que l'Etat se bouge les fesses, car rien ne bouge. Marre de ce laxisme envers les souffrances infligées à des animaux sans défenses!

Pourraz Marie jo | Thursday 18 June 2020

C'est honteux et l'office du tourisme qui fait leur pub de mieux en mieux!
Libérez ces animaux qui seront beaucoup plus heureux loin de ces bourreaux qui les détiennent!
Sans parler ces gens qui sont fiers de poser avec et de promener ces félins. On devrait leur dire leur calvaire!