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Hunting: terror in our countryside

Hunting: terror in our countryside

Mis à jour le 23 January 2020

The investigators of One Voice have infiltrated the hunting industry. Their images illustrate the terror and barbarism that draws attention to our campaigns during these merciless hunts. Support the proposed law to ban it by broadcasting our images!

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A day of hunting with hounds

It could have been a day like any other, a quiet and tranquil surprise meeting at a bend in a path with a majestic stag or a shy deer. It could have been a moment of exception. But that day, it is the howls of humans and dogs that set the tone, who invade the forest. The hunted stag leaping with terror in his eyes, as he runs for his life. Behind him, a pack of dogs and riders pursue him in a hunt without respite. Desperate, he throws himself into the water. He will be caught and put to death before being devoured.

The reality of the hunt

The hunt is particularly cruel. The images from our survey should be seen by as many people as possible. The reality of what is known as a hobby for some is not only terror for the animal being pursued but also for all the other animals of the forests that are hiding, panicked by the pack and the cries of the pursuing hunters. The residents also suffer the consequences. News has been regularly witnessed.

A law to ban the hunt

A law proposed on November 22nd by 14 senators would make hunting illegal as of June 1, 2018, with a fine of 15000 euros and one year imprisonment for offenders. But the validation process is long. To support this request, help us spread the images of our survey to as many people as possible. We must put an end to this barbaric practice!

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Traditional hunting in Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne, and Ardennes: the legal system suspends shameful trials! One Voice is bringing a civil case to the tribunal against a bird poacher in Montauban

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Ldm | Monday 23 November 2020

C'est une honte de faire souffrir des animaux pour le plaisir de la chasse des ces messieurs. Honte à vous! Stop à la barbarie! Faire souffrir des bêtes innocentes est inacceptable, mettez-vous à leur place, posez vous des questions !

Rickydulys | Saturday 22 February 2020

Toute vie est précieuse ... Pourquoi tant de cruauté? Messieurs les chasseurs, posez-vous un jour et demandez-vous pourquoi vous avez besoin de faire souffrir une victime innocente !

Page | Saturday 22 February 2020

Arrêtons cette barbarie, nous ne sommes plus au Moyen-Âge ! (Pas pour tout le monde apparemment).
Protégeons la nature et la vie!

roitelet | Saturday 22 February 2020

Stop à la barbarie. Les animaux sont à préserver, nos forêts aussi, et surtout ils ne méritent pas une traque pareille.