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Hunting dogs suffer too!

Hunting dogs suffer too!

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It is a fact; hunting dogs are not always happy! Contrary to popular belief, many of them receive no consideration and only let off steam very rarely. Some live even in hellish conditions. Return to an investigation in Dordogne on cases of proven abuse.

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When we talk about the damage from hunting, we often forget the affect it has on dogs. We imagine them happy, satisfying their predatory instincts and their need to work for which they have been selected. But for some, these moments are rare and their daily lives have nothing to do with this idealized image. It looks more like a nightmare.

A site under surveillance since 2011

Since 2011, our investigators had closely monitored a very suspicious site in Dordogne. At the time, they had discovered live dogs in what could be a shady, shady lot, where different materials and objects were stored ... including barrels and carcasses of cars serving as niches! Thus, the owner held his animals not at home, but in his hunting ground, in the forest, out of sight, without any precise address. No trace of food on the horizon, just bowls of stagnant water. Except for a few dogs in pens, most of them were attached almost permanently with chains around their necks! The metal chains were even rubbing away their hair because of the permanent friction.Some had rough wooden kennels, but one could only doubt how waterproof they were. In case of rain, only a concrete building could serve as a shelter worthy of its name. Problem: it was designed to accommodate only two dogs at a time! For others, whether it's snowing or windy, no shelter, no dry litter... just the dirt and mud! Their hidden conditions were so insalubrious that some had disturbing diseases. Faced with these alarming findings, we were eager to file a report to the Departmental Directorate of Protection of the Population of Dordogne. The authorities were committed to acting quickly themselves.

Nothing has changed

How can one close their eyes to these cases of obvious animal abuse? As hardy as hunting dogs are, they need, like any other animal, at least a roof, attention and exercise! However, during our last visit of the site in September of this year, the unfortunate animals continued to endure the same ordeal.

The only notable difference is that their numbers have greatly decreased. Today, they are only twenty. Where have the others gone? We hope that it was not the diseases that took them away! Certainly, those we saw seemed this time in an "acceptable" physical state. On the other hand, their moral distress is still so blatant. Withdrawn into themselves, completely abandoned, they have lost the habit of contact with humans. At our approach, some were still searching for it, desperately, as a last call for help. But others, definitely frightened, preferred to move away. Our investigators even observed a poor female, the nipples drooping implying a recent birth. The puppies? Vanished. We therefore assume that she is used for breeding purposes. But what about the declaration of a breeding activity, in this case?

We press charges

All voices deserve to be heard. Including those hunting dogs, abandoned and stored in the "lockups" - similar in this case to a dump - between the two! The relationship of hunters to animals is sometimes so perverted that they consider their four-legged teammates only from a utilitarian point of view. And again ... Because some objects, such as guns for example, they often take more care of them... It's too much! We press charges.

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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lysiane | Tuesday 26 November 2019

Pour moi les chasseurs sont des barbares, ce témoignage me conforte dans mon opinion !

Jackie | Friday 22 November 2019

Une honte ! Pourquoi ça n'a pas bougé plus tôt ?
Il a le bras long ce monsieur ?

gilberte | Thursday 21 November 2019

Quelle honte de voir ces personnes ! Tout ce qui compte est de tuer. Ils se fichent bien de leurs chiens.

Animalou | Tuesday 16 October 2018

Les chasseurs sont protégés par le gouvernement et quel qu'il soit donc c'est sans fin pour nos amis. A quand un président pour la cause animale, mais celui là ne sera jamais élu car gênant et n'aura pas les voix des chasseurs, et ils se disent aimer la nature !Les animaux sauvages sont chez eux, ceux sont nous les intrus encore une fois ! Ils étaient là avant nous sur cette planète mais l'humain détruit tout ce qu'il touche pour la réduire au néant. Je suis d'accord avec vous les chiens de chasse, comme tant d'autres, vivent l'enfer pour la plupart. Ils sont cassés.