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Hunting, a deadly problem: On October 13th, all to Paris!

Hunting, a deadly problem: On October 13th, all to Paris!

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On October 13th, we are calling for a big rally in Paris to denounce Hunting. Let us all be united for this fight against this practice, this cortege of death, the violence and the mutilation of millions of animals.

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We call for a unitary demonstration in Paris Saturday, October 13th2018 to denounce Hunting!

Let us be numerous on October 13thin Paris, to say that the vast majority of our fellow citizens disapprove of this archaic practice. The nature of hunting is death; it is neither a way of living nor a hobby. Hunting, in all its forms, is destructive. The snapping of killing traps, the detonations of cartridges, or the flurry of hunting horns will not stifle the cries of terror and pain of 45 million wild animals that fall victim to them.

Hunting is back on the centre stage of the news and with it, its deleterious activities. Our President of the Republic began to praise hunting with hounds, to feed the hunting world with new species and to halve the price of licenses. Intoxicated by the gold of the Palace of Versailles or as a political tactic, Emmanuel Macron announced the return of the presidential hunts, a pledge given to the voters with a hunting satchel and their lobby.

The cause for the 45 million wild animals killed and persecuted, not registered on the electoral lists, is the last of his worries. This is what Nicolas Hulot, his resigning minister of ecology, denounced.

Wildlife, a living heritage to preserve.

On October 13thin Paris, with us, all the defenders of nature will demand the respect of wildlife, and that for the preservation of protected species, as well as our right to live or walk in nature without being at the mercy of one of these predators’ blunder. Walkers, their children, their dogs or cats, can no longer enjoy a field trip without the risk of falling victim to a trap or a cartridge. These "accidents" are also the concern of the hunters themselves...

"The notion of « zero accidents » does not exist in any sport," they tell us. Hogwash! A "sport" like any other, with a rifle in hand? To confuse a mare with a wild boar or flamingos with hens or ducks, is it an accident or the evidence of filthy selfishness? So start with leaving boars, hens and other ducks alone!

The nature of the hunt is death. It is neither a way of living nor a hobby.

Nowadays, a hunter does not kill anymore, he "takes". He no longer harvests, he "manages wildlife". Let's stop this nonsense, these pretexts aiming at defending bloody traditions. These hunters’ massacre, trap, mutilate and gun down all living animals that come within their reach. These hunters must understand that we will fight them. We are not fooled by their long-windedness or that they are self-proclaimed ecologists!

Hunting, in all its forms, is destructive. In France, hunting exterminates each year 45 million animal lives, wild or farmed, not counting the "collateral “victims, such as a10-year-old girl, walking with her parents, seriously wounded in Limoges by a hunter who was aiming at a pheasant, this Sunday, September 16th2018.

France, hunting champion too.

France has the largest number of hunters in Europe, 1.2 million registered. The hunting season is also the longest with the greatest number of species "approved for slaughter": 90 including mammals, 64 for birds of which more than 20 are protected species. The other countries of our continent are limited to 16! When the vast majority of European countries set up days without hunting, often on Sundays, on our territory, the massacre is open 7 days out of 7.

There is no end to the principle of shooting any odd how ... The cruel methods of bird hunting are perpetuated while our neighbours restrict or prohibit them. As for hunting with hounds, it is widely denounced, and yet these pretentious huntsmen track the animals already terrified and exhausted by these long pursuits and terminate them day or night, including during periods of reproduction.

On October 13th, our voices must resound loud and clear for the respect of animal life.

We refuse to allow such attention and power to be granted to these 2% of the population with combat trousers and cartridge belts. All surveys, all polls confirm that the vast majority of the population aspires to restrict the rights of hunters and preserve endangered species. 91% of the French (FIFG survey of September 2016) want a complete and in-depth reform of the organization and regulation of hunting. Let's not let these trashy nimrods claim to be Nature’s managers with gunshots. Respect for nature will never rhyme with destruction, degradation and animal suffering. Let's start by demanding the creation of wild animal status.

For a radical reform of Hunting!

Let's eradicate the deadly problem of hunting and its masquerades, its guns, its traps, its archaic traditions, its pretentious devices!

So that everyone can meet our territories’ fauna and flora, let’s demand two days a week without hunting or trapping including Sunday, and all school holidays. On behalf of the deceased wildlife, we demand the protection of species in poor condition or reproduction and true independence of policing hunting. We must end hunting in protected areas (national parks, nature reserves and in the wild). We call for the end of killing traps like so-called "traditional" hunts (glue, lakes, slopes, tendelles ...) and the abolition of underground hunting as with hunting hounds for all species.

Please sign our petition for the respect of animals and humans in love with nature! Make the event known by registering and sharing it! Visit our dedicated site "Hunting: a deadly problem"!

Daniel Ellezam
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colibri77 | Saturday 06 October 2018

Je réside dans le sud de la Seine et Marne dans une commune rurale. Nous adorons faire du jogging et du VTT dans notre campagne. Pendant la période de chasse (5 mois) ce n'est plus possible. Tous les week-ends une armada de nemrods débarque, encercle les bois et interdit même le passage sur les chemins.
D'autres chassent dans les champs des perdrix et des faisans qui ont été lâchés la veille. Ces pauvres animaux ne s'envolent même pas. Tirer dans un poulailler serait plus "sportif". Pour les chasseurs de sangliers ou de chevreuils, ils sont sur des affûts tous les 50 m et attendent que les animaux sortent pour tirer avec des armes dont les projectiles sont mortels à plusieurs centaines de mètres.

Il faut exiger l'arrêt de la chasse le WE et pendant les périodes scolaires pour que l'on puisse à nouveau se réapproprier la nature.

Tous à Paris le 13 Octobre, montrons à nos responsables qu'il y a 63 millions de non chasseurs.

Marie-Christine | Friday 05 October 2018

La chasse est un meurtre légal, ne jouons pas sur les mots !
La France n'a vraiment pas à s'enorgueillir de demeurer à l'âge des cavernes et encore en pire puisque certains progrès techniques lui permettent d'amplifier ses dégâts en la matière.

Orenda | Thursday 04 October 2018

Entièrement d'accord avec le témoignage de SDN auquel j'ajoute cette colère rurale :
Non, Monsieur Macron la ruralité n'est pas la chasse, la ruralité est plombée par la chasse, par cette poignée de passéistes qui s'arrogent tant de pouvoirs dans nos campagnes. Les ruraux sont en colère d'être assimilés à ces irrespectueux du vivant dans sa diversité.
Non, Monsieur Macron, il ne peut y avoir place dans le nouveau monde que vous nous vantez pour la "diplomatie de la chasse à courre", cette vieillerie féodale dont vous osez arguer que le monde nous l'envie.
Rangez vos barbaries et descendez de cheval, Monsieur Macron, les ruraux civilisés que nous sommes construisent chaque jour le nouveau monde loin des discours fallacieux et nous vous invitons à venir le découvrir tel qu'il est.

Shirow20 | Wednesday 03 October 2018

Ok mais où débute la manif ?