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Hundreds of monkeys unloaded from the cargo of an Egyptair plane at JFK Airport

Hundreds of monkeys unloaded from the cargo of an Egyptair plane at JFK Airport

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Despite public opposition, Egyptair continues to play a major role in the worldwide trade of non-human primates for research and toxicity testing (poisoning). On 23 June 2022, hundreds of long-tailed macaques were filmed by PETA in the process of being unloaded from an Egyptair cargo plane which had just landed at JFK Airport in the United States. The monkeys, native to Cambodia, had been subjected to a traumatising ordeal lasting up to 30 hours. And that is nothing compared to what awaits them...

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Image: monkeys unloaded at JFK Airport, New York, USA - Credit: PETA

Now that Air France has announced their intention to stop transporting non-human primates for research purposes, we have to maintain pressure on Egypt air so that they will do the same. All the more so as we believe that the airline company will only increase their monkey transportations once Air France stops. We know that Egyptair has already transported long-tailed macaques from Vietnam and Mauritius, the two countries from which Air France regularly transports monkeys. Thanks to all those who have contributed to the worldwide campaign that we are leading with Action for Primates and Stop Camarles and have written to Air France. We are now asking you to join us in our appeal to Egyptair so that they will follow Air France’s example and stop their involvement in the trade of non-human primates.

Send an email (even if you already have done so) urging Egyptair to join Air France and the many other airline companies who have refused to be implicated in the worldwide transport of monkeys for animal testing:

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Animal testing: investigation from One Voice in Mauritius into long-tailed macaque breeding farms 'Monkeys Labs': from condoned mistreatment, proven trafficking, and health risks

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Isaline | Monday 18 July 2022

Merci à Air France de mettre fin à ces transports.

Espérons que d'autres compagnies feront de même, qui mènent ces animaux à la mort.

Isabelle | Sunday 17 July 2022

Svp rejoignez Air France en arrêtant de transporter de pauvres singes pour les martyriser

Majo | Sunday 10 July 2022

Respectons les animaux, nos compagnons, mais aussi la faune sauvage, indispensable dans notre environnement. Halte à tous ces massacres !
N'y participez donc plus, soyez une compagnie responsable, nous vous le demandons!

chrys | Sunday 10 July 2022

Message envoyé & campagne partagée sur mon facebook.