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Honey loses her reason in a filthy pool

The last dolphin of the Inubosaki Marine Park in Japan has been left floating alone for months. In this dolphinarium that has closed, there is only one left. The dirty water of the pool threatens her health and she is going insane from the loneliness and boredom. Let's rally together for her! Honey must be transferred to an emergency sanctuary!

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Honey relentlessly raises her head and brings it back into the water. Her stereotypical movements are confined to madness. Her skin is burned from the sun and she has lost her companion Bee. From a distance, one would think it was a buoy bobbing in the waves at sea. But in fact, we are in a tiny pool of a Japanese dolphinarium that has been closed for several weeks now. And of the sea, Honey has only vague memories. The bottlenose dolphin was captured in Taiji Bay more than fourteen years ago. She was only four years old during the carnage that killed her family in that infamous place known only too well, precisely at that time we were there with Ric O'Barry, one of the main characters in the documentary The Cove, then a consultant on our team. It is therefore very likely that we attended the capture of Honey!

In 2003, we discovered the sickening link between the killings and capturing and for the first-time reported pictures of trainers choosing dolphins for dolphinariums. Before that we had our suspicions but had no evidence. Images were broadcast all over the world by the BBC in 2004 and then again to the scientists present at the 19th Conference of the European Cetacean Society in La Rochelle in 2005, as well as to the Whaling Commission. It was a global tsunami for the dolphinarium industry: the public was finally able to gauge the hypocrisy of those who say they are working to protect cetaceans! 

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It is vital that the Japanese authorities take stock of the danger faced by the dolphins of Taiji Bay! The massacres and their link with the captive industry, which we have been denouncing for a long time now, must absolutely end, this business should cease now! No tradition can justify this. Cetaceans, like all wild mammals, must be spared from this cruelty and captivity!

But the urgency today is for Honey.

Together with us, write to the Embassy of Japan or call, to request that honey be removed from this dead pond, and not be sent to another dolphinarium! She must be urgently transferred to a sanctuary! At the embassy, calls, emails, and maybe even tweets are recorded and forwarded to the ministry in Tokyo. It is therefore very important that we are numerous and active for her!

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Scandal around the death of the dolphin Aïcko!
Silence, lies, and betrayals: Welcome to the world of captivity and ministry.

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celine | Wednesday 12 September 2018

la fermeture du parc doit être suivie, respectez les règles de bonne santé des animaux et de leur transfert en lieu sûr ! vous le gouvernement, vous en avez le pouvoir et le devoir ! Quelle image voulez vous que le monde ait de votre gouvernement, pour vous ce n'est rien à faire alors si vous ne savez pas le faire pour un dauphin abandonné qu'est ce que vous pouvez faire pour votre peuple ? qu'en pensent les autres gouvernements quand ils voient ce que vous ne faites pas ? pensez y ! ce n'est qu'un petit geste pour vous et beaucoup de reconnaissance par la suite... aidez le !

Laëtitia | Tuesday 11 September 2018

Bonjour, je tiens à vous envoyez ce message pour sauver Honey. Qu'elle soit transférée dans un sanctuaire... C'est le cœur brisé que je vous écris cela, sommes-nous dépourvus de raison ? S'il vous plaît faites quelque chose.


Francie | Saturday 08 September 2018

Comment peut-on faire pour la sauver?

Cycy | Thursday 06 September 2018

Voici ce que j’ai envoyé en reprenant un exemple plus bas. J’ai parlé des pingouins également...

Par ce courrier, je tiens à vous signifier ma plus grande inquiétude !
Le dernier dauphin de l'Inubosaki Marine Park au Japon flotte, seul ,depuis des mois. Dans ce delphinarium qui a fermé, il ne reste qu'elle. L’eau sale du bassin menace sa santé et elle devient folle de solitude et d’ennui. Les pingouins sont également livrés à eux mêmes.
Il faut se mobiliser pour eux !
Ils doivent être transférés dans un sanctuaire en urgence !
J’espère que vous entendrez nos appels de détresse !!
Faites le nécessaire pour eux.
Par avance merci !