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Help us get a lion called Sultan out of his prison!

Sultan is being held by a circus in the worst conditions of his life. One Voice is fighting to save him before captivity takes his life.

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How long has he been suffering this ordeal? How long has he experienced each second of each day in this living hell? Sultan, an eight-year-old lion in full strength, is imprisoned by William Zavatta in unbearable conditions.

Deprived of a lion's life

Out of sight, locked away in a small truck which is sometimes covered over and with no contact to the lionesses, this handsome male lives his life alone, often in the dark. Deeply alone. Motionless or trapped in stereotypical movements. His trainer represents his only contact with the outside world. Completely at his mercy, his entire existence is reduced to nothing but emptiness.

How can such suffering be imposed on an animal that, in the wild, would spend its days roaming a vast territory of up to 100 square kilometres? How can one cut this lion off from the contact of his own kind, a feline by nature who is extremely sociable? Lions need to live together for their stability. The size of their groups can reach forty individuals in the wild! Sultan, he has nothing and no one to occupy him in his life. He therefore sinks further into despair.

From isolation to the commotion of the parades

Absolute cynicism: His only "outings" take place in the summer, during the time of the circus parades, to announce the shows. Very roughly, his jailers suddenly shoo him from his loneliness and darkness to brutally expose him to the hubbub of the horns, yells and booming music, while the sound of the trucks carrying animals is prohibited ... Nearly falling to the floor with each press of the brake pedal, Sultan appears in the vehicle, completely haggard. What a gloomy "spectacle" of this noble beast, broken by humans, used to gain the public, what a stressful and frightening experience for him.

Sultan calls for help

Crushed in this way, Sultan could give up and die. But despite the horror of his meaningless daily life, Sultan is still resisting. One Voice has witnessed it. In the evening, sometimes, from his tarpaulin truck, from the depths of the darkness, a heart-rending cry escapes. He calls out! He calls us to his rescue! Since 2016, our association has already filed a complaint twice for ill-treatment in order to save him. But nothing has changed, justice is too slow! We do not abandon it. Today, we make Sultan's voice sound even louder by launching a massive campaign on his behalf. Join us in this action to obtain his release from the circus William Zavatta and to have him moved to a sanctuary. His only hope of a dignified life, of a free life, of a full life, is in our hands and yours.

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Catherine | Thursday 19 July 2018

J'ai signé cette pétition comme biens d'autres....en espérant que nos voix portent enfin vers le bon sens !!!

anifrans | Thursday 19 July 2018

c'est fini les cirques avec animaux sauvages, qu'on libère ce pauvre sultan, pitié..

stone | Wednesday 18 July 2018

Est-ce qu'une pétition circule pour libérer Sultan ? Merci.

onevoice | Thursday 19 July 2018

bonjour, je vous mets ci après le lien vers la pétition, avec nos remerciements, pour Sultan.
Bien cordialement.

milletonerres | Wednesday 18 July 2018

Je suis contente pour Maya qu'elle soit enfin libérée ; et ses copines de galère ?... quand seront elles libérées ?...
En revanche Sultan doit être libéré le plus vite possible, un être humain deviendrait fou dans de telles conditions, alors, sa vie est à moitié terminée avant que d'avoir commencé… j'ai honte pour le genre humain dont la cruauté n'est plus à dire !...
Il faut boycotter tous les spectacles des cirques.