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Have chimpanzees undergone illegal experimentation?

Have chimpanzees undergone illegal experimentation?

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Despite canine deaths in pre-clinical tests, Portugese pharmaceutical, Bial, continued to human and primate trials that resulted in six critical hospital admissions in January this year. The French minister of health, Marisol Touraine has confirmed that preliminary drug tests were carried out on primates. One Voice is working to get clear answers.

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While Bial has claimed in media reports to have complied "with international best practices," One Voice questions whether the tests on the chimpanzees were carried out after "Directive 2010/63/EU" went into effect. This legislation, adopted in September 2010, serves to protect animals used for scientific purposes in the European Union. If so, why would Bial have been exempt from abiding by this law?

On January 21, 2016, with the backing of MP Laurence Abeille, One Voice wrote to Marisol Touraine requesting that she specify how the chimpanzees were used in these trials, and whether the conditions were legal or not.

The European Directive EU/63/2010, already in application during these chimpanzee trials, bans all experiments on chimpanzees and apes, except under exceptional circumstances.

It came into effect as domestic law by decree on February 1, 2013. Simply put, these legal texts indicate that the use of chimpanzees for experimentation would have been strictly limited and regulated if the trials took place recently.

One Voice is firmly resolved to get to the bottom of this scandal, pressing charges if laws were broken, and to continue promoting toxicogenomic testing as an alternative to animal testing.

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fifi | Monday 20 March 2017

Personne ne devrait subir ces expérimentations et surtout pas les animaux qui n'ont rien demandé à personne . Une vie doit être respectée et non utilisée au bon vouloir de l'homme

ELLED33 | Monday 18 April 2016

Quand toute cette barbarie s'arrêtera-t-elle ?

Kirikou | Monday 22 February 2016

Il y a peu de chances qu'il s'agisse de chimpanzés. Dans le protocole de l'essai clinique en langue anglaise diffusé par Le Figaro il y a quelques semaines, on parle page 27 de "monkeys" (c'est à dire de singes type macaques) et non de "apes" (anthropoïdes) et encore moins de chimpanzés.
Le plus probable est une erreur de la part de notre ministre. Dans les conditions de communication de crise, ça peut arriver.

Soso44 | Saturday 20 February 2016

Il faut arrêter les expériences sur des vies, c'est assez de les martyriser,