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Happy Bear: The Indian sanctuary of One Voice

Happy Bear: The Indian sanctuary of One Voice

Mis à jour le 31 March 2020

They went through the worst. Torn from their mother, beaten, nose often pierced with a rope, these bears were exploited, dancing to entertain in India. Thanks to the joint work of One Voice and Wildlife SOS, they found peace in a sanctuary. In an idyllic setting, they are finally entitled to respect.

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Looking back on 7 years of fighting for sloth bears

It was in 2009, after seven years of hard work by One Voice, Wildlife SOS and the anti-poaching cell that the two NGOs had created together, the last rope of the last dancing bear in India was cut. In total, more than 620 bears have been saved and placed safely into the sanctuary of Agra in India. Kalandar bear exhibitors who exploited them were able to join the reintegration program that was offered to them in exchange for retraining, which was a real chance for this community that lived in misery and a huge relief for sloth bears who survived in the worst conditions.

The sanctuary of Agra: created with bears in mind

The sanctuary of Agra is not a zoo. It is not designed for the well-being of the visitors but for the happiness of the bears, at the heart of all the concerns. In most French zoos, the enclosures allow us to see the animals in all types of circumstances. In an often confined and concrete space, sloth bears have nowhere to hide from the public eye. In Agra, it's the other way around. Bears are grouped by age, by sex - to avoid reproduction - or even by affinity. There are dark dens where they can hide. And the parks dedication to the youngest bears is huge! All have hammocks, wooden structures and many enriching activities which are renewed every day...

Protecting sloth bears

High walls prevent intruders. Poaching is still important issue and it is crucial to ensure the peace of those bears that have already suffered so much. Everywhere, trees and bushes provide living conditions in semi-freedom close to ideal conditions. And if the bears cannot go out, the wild animals present on the site and around the area do not deprive them of it. Monkeys, birds, but also deer, do not hesitate to come and see the bears ... Only the oldest bears are visible to the public, those in a zoo would probably be hidden. Their scarred faces can explain their history and raise awareness of the protection of sloth bears, a species classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

Their pens are near the clinic to provide them the highest care and supervision that they require. Meanwhile younger bears are near to a river. Their enclosures are so large and densely landscaped that it is almost impossible to observe them. Not having been tainted by humans, their shyness is still respected...

You can help us give these bears a peaceful retirement by sponsoring one of them! By choosing Kamli, Jasmine or Rocky, you will regularly receive news and photos and enable the Agra sanctuary to continue to guarantee their happiness and safety.

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karine | Friday 24 April 2020

Merci pour ce travail acharné que vous faites depuis de nombreuses années pour la cause animale... Tous ces amours en danger qui sont exploités, maltraités, tués, massacrés etc.... Pour l'avidité du fric encore et encore. Encore merci d'être là et bravo. Une militante indépendante qui se bat pour la même cause.

amie des animaux | Saturday 04 April 2020

Encore, encore et encore un très GRAND MERCI à toutes les équipes de One Voice pour ce travail fabuleux et sans relâche effectué auprès de tous nos amis les animaux.
MERCI.... MERCI.... MERCI pour eux !!!

Mme Loup | Sunday 15 September 2019

Bravo à vous pour ce pauvre ours qui va maintenant être soigné ! Nous sommes heureux et espérons que les autres ours pourront être sauvés ! Merci du fond du coeur !

Nathalie | Sunday 15 September 2019