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Greylag geese also in the viewfinder of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity!

Do you remember last year when Willy Schraen was angry with Nicolas Hulot's office? He was unsuccessful in obtaining the right to kill the Greylag goose – A protected species (this term seems complicated to understand) - as early as February! Hunters having "skinned" the former minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, guess what’s back on the agenda... It's up to us to put this bill back to the forefront!

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Maintaining the duration of the Greylag goose hunting season was, in terms of wildlife protection, the only point on which Nicolas Hulot then Minister of State had managed to hold out against the Hunting Federation and its lobby. In February 2018, like thugs, these hungry for blood hunters had vandalized a car of the gendarmerie by rolling it on its side during their demonstration!

The hunters are insistent, and the President of the Republic gives them every respect. The duration of the hunting season of the Greylag geese is challenged by a bill at the moment being drafted in the offices of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

The exemption from the Birds Directive, which allows the protection of migratory birds and therefore Greylag geese, is based on the argument that they would do damage to the environment. However, if this damage is proven ... not only are they mainly in the Netherlands but they mainly concern geese that do not pass through France, besides a large part are nonmigratory! In February, with this law, the Greylag geese will be hunted, while this was forbidden up until this time! 

The article begins as follows: "No one may hunt outside the periods of the opening of the hunt set by the authorities". If we understand correctly, to prevent people shooting geese out of the hunting season (this is called poaching), the department increases this period. Thus, these people shoot geese legally ... (and this is called regulation by hunting). Who is mocking who here? Birds have the greatest difficulty surviving nowadays, and migratory birds are not protected or anything! 

It should also be noted that at no time are these geese considered sentient individuals. Yet, they are particularly sensitive beings. The slaughter of an individual is not trivial! Couples are faithful and most often stay together for life, to the point that when one of the partners dies, the other can remain alone for years, or even never again find a mate... Even in flight, they remain close to one another. And when the female broods her eggs, it is her companion who takes care of her and protects her. If we offer him a treat, he will not eat it but give it to her!

This bill must not be voted in! And if that were the case, we will attack it immediately before the Council for the State.

Jessica Lefèvre-Grave
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Aline | Friday 16 November 2018

Inadmissible et honteux ils en ont pas marre de tout détruire ? Il ne reste presque plus rien dans la nature. Le dérèglement climatique, la faute de l'homme aussi alors laissez le peu qu'il reste tranquille

ciciel | Thursday 15 November 2018

criminel ! le seul mot qui me vient pour ce gouvernement qui achète ses électeurs. Crime de ceux qui tirent sur des animaux dont la beauté est à couper le souffle...

marie | Thursday 15 November 2018

El les chasseurs qui se disent écologiques ... non mais c'est une farce et le président qui cautionne ça... une HONTE !!!

Karine et Philippe | Thursday 15 November 2018

Encore une fois les lobbyistes ont l'appui de nos élus politiques qui ne tiennent pas compte de nos demandes et qui oublient un peu trop souvent que nous aussi, nous payons nos impôts et nous votons. Le projet concernant la chasse des oies cendrées ne doit absolument pas voir le jour. Comment peut on prétendre être "ECOLO" si l'on autorise la destruction massive des animaux, des oiseaux, de tous les êtres vivants dotés d'une sensibilité. Monsieur Emmanuel MACRON prétend qu'il va renforcer les lois concernant la cause animale? Elles existent déjà et ne sont pas mises en pratique, on peut le constater lors des décisions de justice qui sont rendus par différents Tribunaux de France? C'est l'hôpital qui se moque de la charité. PAS SERIEUX, S'ABSTENIR? Nous continuerons à nous mobiliser et nous opposer à un tel projet qui n'est pas digne d'un pays des droits de l'homme qui veut donner des leçons aux autres Nations, alors qu'il ne les applique pas dans son propre pays? "MAKE OUR PLANET GREAT AGAIN"?????? Les animaux, les oiseaux, les mammifères étaient sur terre et dans les mers et dans les airs, avant nous, mais l'être non, il n'a qu'à disparaître lui en premier!!!!!