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Grey mouse lemurs bred for animal testing: The National Museum of Natural History in France must share their documents with One Voice!

Grey mouse lemurs bred for animal testing: The National Museum of Natural History in France must share their documents with One Voice!

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On 7 February 2023, the Versailles Administrative Tribunal ruled in favour of One Voice and ordered the Essonne Prefecture to pass documents on to the Association regarding the breeding of grey mouse lemurs in Brunoy belonging to the National Museum of Natural History in France (MNHN). If these small primates will continue to be subjected to experiments for now, obtaining this information constitutes an initial victory!

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We already spoke about it in 2021 and organised a rally in Paris in the October of the same year. On 7 January 2023, the Versailles Administrative Tribunal took a step in our direction in our fight for the grey mouse lemurs that are victims of animal testing by the MNHN.

Outraged by the exploitation of these little lemurs, we have requested to have access to the documents clearing up what exactly they are being subjected to. In 2021, the Essonne Prefect refused to give in to our request but now the legal system has decided otherwise. They ruled that we must be passed the inspection reports carried out between 2014 and 2021 and the statistical information on the use of animals, including that on the true severity of the procedures.

Despite some ill will from the Prefecture, who claimed a lack of time and staff as the reason why they had not processed our request, it is a significant initial victory that we have just won this week for these mouse lemurs in Brunoy.

Along with us, demand that these experiments on grey mouse lemurs stop by signing the petition.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Muriel2018 | Thursday 16 February 2023

Bonne nouvelle !

Béa | Sunday 12 February 2023

Bravo pour votre ténacité récompensée par cette petite avancée...mais très significative que le vent tournera tôt ou tard pour toutes ces malheureuses victimes de cet enfer qu'est l'expérimentation animale. MERCI POUR EUX !!!

Sissi | Saturday 11 February 2023

Ça fait très longtemps que l'on parle d'arrêter de telles conditions, atrocités etc... mais là aussi ça perdure !!!!
Quand la loi et les soit disant humains vont-ils enfin cesser tout ça ??

pouguy | Thursday 09 February 2023

Je trouve ignoble de faire de l'expérimentation animale sur ces animal-là