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Grain de Malice: for playful fashion, without suffering

Grain de Malice: for playful fashion, without suffering

Mis à jour le 07 August 2021

This national retailer of women’s clothes campaigns for fashion without fur. It received the label of Fur Free Retailer (FFR), launched by the European coalition Fur Free Alliance, for whom we are representatives in France.

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Grain de Malice wears its name well. This French fashion retailer campaigns for dazzling and colourful fashion. With a smile as its philosophy, it is aimed at active women who are looking for proximity (*), advice, involvement and togetherness.

Keen to make its collections more eco-friendly, the company has made the CSE one of its cornerstones. For several years, it has supported the use of recycled fibres or those coming from sustainable sources and offers fashion items which are designed and adapted for all figures and body shapes. It pays particular attention to comfort as well as to the small details which make all the difference: finishing touches, quality of materials and accessories and durability of the clothes.

Logically, the choice of labelling its products fur-free has been essential:

« We have not made anything with real fur for a long time out of belief, and we are concerned for animal welfare. Labelling our products as such and our commitment to the programme, amongst other things, allow us to commit strongly to responsible fashion without animal cruelty. »

It is therefore with enormous pleasure that we welcome them on board to support ethical fashion. Grain de Malice thereby joins the ever-growing list of brands involved in the change of our society and wishing to begin the world of tomorrow. An altruistic and sensitive world. You can find them on our dedicated website which also displays the label Animal Free (for clothes and accessories without animal material), as well as our One Voice label guaranteeing products not tested on animals.

(*) Sales outlets: chain stores and franchises located in town centres, shopping centres or retail parks. Also on sale at certain online stores: La Redoute, Brandalley…

Translated from the French by Sophie Martin

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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MARC | Friday 12 February 2021

Stop animal objet, pensons à leur bien être!

sylvie | Friday 12 February 2021

Il faut quand même des contrôles, car dire et faire sont deux choses différentes.

Alylulu19 | Friday 12 February 2021

Fichez leur la paix à ces pauvres bêtes. Vivement que l'on change de gouvernement car ils sont trop nombreux à fermer les yeux ou à cautionner cette maltraitance. Et comment se fait-il qu'aujourd'hui des monstres puissent encore en acheter? Quelle horreur!

Aline | Friday 12 February 2021

Inadmissible et honteux! Il faut interdire définitivement ces horreurs. Les gouvernements de tous les pays doivent interdire cela!