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Go for it Alexandre Vauthier, you too can go fur-free!

Go for it Alexandre Vauthier, you too can go fur-free!

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For ten years now, Alexandre Vauthier has delighted our eyes with his creations. For ten years? No, please no longer! It's been a decade since he did this in his own name, but before that, he had moved into the most prestigious of luxury fashion houses. Alone, but still a big problem, he continues to use real fur. Let's encourage this Haute Couture fashion designer to adopt an ethical fashion!

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Young, brilliant and recognized by his peers, he should also be able to the think about the future of the planet and the beings who populate it without any guilt or complexity. This is why One Voice challenges today a talented artist and entrepreneur, Alexandre Vauthier, by inviting him to get involved with animals on the ground of which he excels. 

The French designer works with Saga Furs, a Finnish brand whose name touches a nerve when we know the millions of animals that are killed each year for them.

However, we have reasons to see the glass half full: Saga Furs has announced a significant decline in profits for the year 2018. In question? The West's growing disinterest in fur clothing and accessories and the slowdown in the growth of China. 

For a while, Alexandre Vauthier officiated at the design house of Jean-Paul Gaultier, who has just announced that he wants to permanently discontinue the use of fur.

The young creator whose house has earned the title Haute Couture, dresses Beyoncé, who recently launched with Jay-Z a contest to reward their fans if they become vegan with free concerts for life. One of his customers with a major influence is therefore on the side of the animals for committed acts. They are almost the same age!

Why not, therefore, switch to fur-free? By being supported by a clientele that is turning away more and more from fur, following the global movement of the world of fashion and accompanied by connoisseurs of ethical labels such as us, French representatives of the Fur Free Alliance, therefore there is nothing simpler.

With us, encourage him to take the plunge:

  • by writing to him / her with the help of a standard letter by email or mail: Attn Alexandre Vauthier, 3 rue Christophe Colomb 75008 Paris - France
  • by sending him a message on social networks:
    • on Instagram @alexandrevauthier
    • on Twitter @ALEXVAUTHIER
    • on Facebook @ vauthier.alexandre
  • Examples of messages:
    • @ALEXVAUTHIER, your creations are splendid, a pity that some of them result from the suffering of sentient beings. Today, sign up with @onevoiceanimal for fur-free fashion, and adopt for the FFR label!
    • Silky and shiny as fur is, it does not belong to us. These are the bodies of animals killed for this purpose alone. @ALEXVAUTHIER break away from fur! @onevoiceanimal wants to help you in this perspective!
    • The pollution created from the fur clothing industry is deleterious for life as a whole. Your creations are despite the beauty of the execution & your vision a sad reflection of this industry. Show the example @ALEXVAUTHIER, go with @onevoiceanimal fashionable without fur!
    • You are young, bright, recognized, @ALEXVAUTHIER, today say #VisitsLeRespect and #StopFurrure, adopt the label @onevoiceanimal @furfreeretailer

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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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Lola | Thursday 18 April 2019

Stop à tout ça. Montrez les images pour éveiller les consciences.Sans choc visuel les gens ne se rendent pas compte

marc | Monday 25 February 2019

de leur besoins naturels minimums

Dudule82 | Saturday 23 February 2019

Bonjour Monsieur,

Avez-vous vraiment besoin de cela pour que votre talent s'exprime ?

Que croyez-vous que ces ''animaux'' ( origine du mot : âme) sont ?

De quel Droit les tuer ? Les vendre ? Les acheter ?

Comment peut-on se vêtir à partir de la mort ?

j'espère que vous réfléchirez et que ces ''belles'' réfléchiront, si elles le peuvent.

Néanmoins,car il n'y a dans mes propos que des réflexions..


Michèle | Monday 18 February 2019

Ce temps est dépassé. Nul besoin de fourrure animale à l'heure actuelle.
Cessons de massacrer ces pauvres animaux avec autant de barbarie.
Honte aux Hommes !!!
Supprimons et interdisons tous ces élevages de l'horreur.