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Galeo: a very happy dolphin (according to French law)

Galeo: a very happy dolphin (according to French law)

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Born in captivity, Galeo should be a happy dolphin, according to an upcoming ministerial decree regulating dolphinariums in France. One Voice is asking that he be immediately removed from danger, and that the planned decree be cancelled.

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How is Galeo?

Not much better apparently, since One Voice rose warning bells for this little dolphin, exiled with Aicko in the Planete Sauvage (Wild Planet) aquarium. There has been no enquiry led by competent veterinary services as was requested. But when reading the planned ministerial decree fixing "the general characteristics and the rules governing the functioning of establishments holding or presenting living cetacean specimens to the public", all dolphins born in captivity are perfectly adapted to their restricted lives. Galeo is therefore a happy dolphin, capable of coping with all of the constraints of life in captivity with an eternal smile. Soon, if the decree is passed, there will be hundreds of Galeos produced in France, for the internal market but also for exportation to Dubai or China. And the sole purpose of this is to satisfy the economic fantasies of a wolf killing minister who would like to see the dolphin slavery industry take off in France, like in the golden days.

Why is this planned decree dangerous?

The beginning seems pretty good: " all detention of cetaceans is banned in France." Banned? No, of course not, let's not dream! All those already captive six months after the application of the decree and all dolphins born in captivity can be kept. According to this decree, these "specimens" are perfectly adapted to the conditions as set by the law. These standards are taken on the whole from the minimum quality criteria fixed by EAZA*. Strangely, they also correspond to the installation that Beauval zoo had planned to build for its own future dolphinarium. We know this zoo had to backpedal under consumer pressure but no doubt it still dreams of completing this project, and they are not the only ones…

This decree seems to have been written a century ago

A senseless workload is authorised for the dolphins with five shows permitted and twelve hours of night-time isolation! If the importance of the social group is finally recognised, three orcas are considered to be a completely suitable group, which is far removed from normal " pods" which are generally made up of more than one hundred cetacean individuals, but will without doubt allow Marineland in Antibes to keep going some more years. As in the 1960's, "specimen" movements are encouraged to form artificial families in other pools across the world, to avoid inbreeding and to increase the global herd of available circus animals. This project opens up a loophole for the obsolete and blatant exploitation of captive cetaceans, turning its back on the movement which has crossed the United States and Europe since the broadcasting of the Blackfish documentary.

Must we remind the Minister that the commercial giant SeaWorld is sinking a little more every day into financial abyss?

That the Baltimore aquarium imagines creating a vast marine sanctuary in the Caribbean for its remaining captive dolphins? That Barcelona zoo is thinking along the same lines? That the last Finland dolphinarium had to close its doors because of a lack of visitors? That there are several projects across the world to develop scientifically monitored marine sanctuaries for captive cetaceans? And it is at this point in time that the minister would like to relaunch a dying industry with a useless, obsolete and devastating decree?!

Let's be serious! We ask the minister to end the progression of this planned decree, and to instead lead a think-tank on the economic future of attraction parks without captive animals. As for the young dolphins Galeo and Aicko, we ask for their protection from the rest of the group until a satisfactory solution can be found for them.


Write to La Ministre de l'Environnement, de l'Energie et de la Mer (Minister of the Environment, Energy and Sea) to ask her to definitively ban captive cetaceans in France:

Mme Ségolène ROYAL
Tour Pascal A et B
Tour Sequoia
92055 La Défense CEDEX

Send an email to the park Planète Sauvage: contact@planetesauvage.com, to ask them to do everything necessary to protect Galeo from the attacks that he is undergoing from the other dolphins and to place him in security in another pool with his companion Aicko.

Invite other zoos and dolphinariums to put an end to birth and exchange programmes between parks to transform themselves into sanctuaries for animals.

* European Association of Zoos and Aquaria Standards and policies

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The court prohibit Marineland from relocating the orcas before the end of the independent assessment Moana has just died in the chlorinated Marineland prison, the only place he has seen in his twelve years of life. One Voice is going to court again

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Talou | Monday 29 August 2016

L'humain en 2016 n'hésite pas à tout exploiter et tout détruire jusqu'à ce qu'il ne reste plus rien ....pour le fric ; il n'y a que ça qui compte et il est prêt à tout pour cette cause..c'est triste et cela ne devrait pas être

Mookette | Wednesday 17 August 2016

Assez de ces mouroirs maltraitants et mercantiles! Assez de voir la solitude triste, le stress, le malheur de ces animaux nobles exploités par des sociétés sans âme pour le "plaisir" abject d'hommes sans coeur !

Anne | Wednesday 17 August 2016

La grandeur d'un pays se mesure aussi à la vision qu'il a sur l'avenir de notre planète et à la protection des créatures qui l'habitent.

Winsley | Wednesday 17 August 2016

Les oiseaux, les fauves en cages, les animaux marins dans des espaces exigus, les animaux ridiculisés et maltraités dans les cirques, sans parler des élevages intensifs et des abattoirs de la honte, des laboratoires d'expérimentation...Quand l'humain prendra-t-il conscience qu'il perd toute HUMANITE en traitant nos frères les animaux sans le moindre respect, feignant d'ignorer leurs besoins vitaux, leur intelligence et leur sensibilité?