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Fur: the unbearable images of a young mink devoured alive

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These are the images of a survey conducted in a fur farm in Lithuania, shared by Tušti narvai, one of our partners in the Fur Free Alliance. We see a young mink being devoured alive by his brothers and sisters. This horrible scene is only a tiny part of the nightmare of mink reared for their fur. It is time for this to stop. Please sign the petition! #VisonsLeRespect

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A nightmare scene

"This is the most shocking scene I've seen." Thus, the investigator who conducted the investigation describes the images he filmed: a young mink, locked in a cage on this fur farm, with his stomach open, desperately trying to escape his brothers and sisters who devour him alive.

This nightmare, however, is not uncommon. In fur farms, individuals are born and live in tiny cages. Forced into promiscuity, condemned to boredom, they go crazy, attack, injure themselves, and sometimes are devoured...

A sample of the horror

On the video of the investigation, we also see: minks covered with blood after fighting, others with missing limbs, ears torn off, open wounds, babies a few days old trembling on the fence, the infamous porridge that feeds them, piles of faeces crawling with larvae under the cages ... Alerted to these acts of cruelty through the investigation, the local veterinary authorities should now work with the prosecutor's office to obtain an adapted sanction


Why all this horror? For the luxury industry? Yes, this breeding is in Lithuania, but also in France there are fur farms. And, above all, our country, the international capital of fashion and luxury, has an important role to play with its creators ... Fashion does not need fur, an ethical fashion is possible and is chosen by more and more fashion designers.

For the ban on raising animals for their fur, please sign and share our petition!

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End the cruel and deadly fur trade, before it causes the next pandemic 1000 mink slaughtered at the Eure-et-Loir fur farm because of cases of Covid-19

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Monique | Monday 27 August 2018

Ces images sont vraiment insoutenables, c'est horrible les conditions de vie de ces pauvres visons.Je ne comprends pas comment des humains peuvent faire vivre de telles atrocités à des animaux, ça me scandalise.

pimprenelle | Monday 27 August 2018

Il faudrait que nos députés adoptent le même code du bien être animal qu'en Wallonie. Et que ce dernier soit même adopté dans l'Europe entière. Cela implique l'arrêt total des "usines à fourrure".
Il est terrible de penser qu'au 21ème siècle, les couturiers sont encore à travailler la fourrure des animaux alors qu'il existe de très belles fourrures synthétiques. Au 19ème siècle on pouvait encore le comprendre mais maintenant c'est une hérésie.
Même en Chine on utilise maintenant les fourrures synthétiques qui n'ont que des avantages alors responsabilisons les couturiers. Une campagne de mails ciblés ?

Lit | Monday 27 August 2018

Merci d'avoir relayé cela, la Lituanie c'est mon pays, je l'ai lu d'abord dans la presse locale, mais j'estime que les associations lituaniennes n'ont des fois pas assez de poids pour agir en faveur des animaux (comme celles françaises d'ailleurs), mais l'unité pourrait faire avancer les choses qui sait

Veronique | Sunday 26 August 2018

L homme est un monstre qui ne pense qu' à lui et se moque des souffrances