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Forced to swim under the glare of onlookers for a captive elephant

Forced to swim under the glare of onlookers for a captive elephant

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It's a pleasure for free elephants to bathe and swim. But in no case should they be forced into a deep pool where they struggle to hold their heads above the water! Yet it is the daily life for elephants held in a Thai zoo. This is unacceptable, the public must refuse to go see this! We contacted Trip Advisor to stop recommending the attraction and selling tickets. An immediate success of this operation!

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The video of "World Animal News" shows an elephant who seems to be struggling to swim. The tiny pool has a glass partition, allowing dozens of zoo customers to see the elephant underwater. But what show are we seeing? The humiliation of the largest land mammal, struggling to keep his head out of the water, forced to perform! What extreme stress!

We alerted Trip Advisor as soon as we became aware of these outrageous images. How can we continue to sell tickets for this not only violent but ridiculous attraction to an endangered animal in the wild? What does it teach children? What image does it give of wild animals?

Two days later, Trip Advisor reacted our observations and requests!

The success of this popular rallying together is undeniable: tickets for this attraction are no longer sold by Trip Advisor, with immediate effect!

Thank you to all of you who rallied to help!

TripAdvisor's response to our mail
TripAdvisor's response to our mail
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Fabienne | Tuesday 23 October 2018

C'est intolérable!!!

christina | Monday 03 September 2018


jacqueline | Sunday 02 September 2018

comment peut on supporter des choses pareilles, une honte, les humains ont gardé l'esprit de romains pour montrer des tyrannies concernant les animaux, et le plus triste c'est que des gens payent pour voir cela...

Sylvie | Saturday 01 September 2018

L'action menée est très bien... mais que peut-on faire de plus pour cela cesse ?