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Fear in the city of Chateauneuf-de-Gadagne: Cats and pigeons shot!

Fear in the city of Chateauneuf-de-Gadagne: Cats and pigeons shot!

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In a village in Vaucluse, at least one unidentified crackpot is terrorising the town since the 15th of October. He attacks pigeons and cats by shooting at them! We deplore the fact that already 6 animals have been injured or killed, all riddled with lead ...

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We know that walks in the countryside can be potentially deadly during the hunting season, but here inside the walls of the city there should be protection from guns! For a fortnight, the charming Provencal village of Chateauneuf-de-Gadagne has turned into an area for hunting. One or more madmen targeting pigeons and cats, in complete disregard for public safety and for the law!

Five dead pigeons

It was one of our sympathizers, a resident of the town who alerted us after finding three wounded pigeons whilst out walking in the town between 15th and 22nd October. For each of the pigeons, identical veterinary observations: the poor birds had been hit by lead shot in their wings! The first died after 48 hours due to serious injuries. The other two, heavily disabled and unable to fly, had to be put down. Since then, two new pigeons have been hunted down. To date, there have been five in total. And we unknowingly fear that possibly other birds have suffered the same fate.

A cat seriously injured

To this sinister list is added another official victim: a cat. Also shot at, he was taken care of urgently and saved. But this unfortunate cat suffers from other serious consequences. An accident on the highway, his pelvis is in a bad state and he now risks the amputation of a paw. His injuries require that he remains in a cage for a month. Fortunately, he enjoys constant care and the affection from a host family, while this temporary loving home does not provide a permanent one.

Acts of cruelty and public danger

We are horrified by this slaughter! When will it stop? These are acts of cruelty against animals that are also endangering the entire village community. Is it necessary to wait for a bullet to hit a wall when a person passes by at the wrong time before the authorities take action? The police have been alerted, the municipality is committed to react, it is their responsibility. But for the time being, the Far West atmosphere still seems to reign in Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne... Once again, the campaign of One Voice comes together, whether it concerns the problem of hunting #LaChasseUnProblèmeMortel or stray cats #UrgenceErranceFéline. And once again, we are pressing charges!

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Mimi | Thursday 15 November 2018

Gros ras le bol des chasseurs qui ont tous les droits. Il faudrait vraiment se mobiliser et manifester (comme les gilets jaunes) pour faire comprendre aux politiques que nous ne voulons plus être gouvernés par les lobbyistes et que nous aussi (plus nombreux que les chasseurs) nous allons aux urnes.

Anne-Marie | Sunday 04 November 2018

Que font les soi-disant pouvoirs publics ?

vivie | Sunday 04 November 2018

je partage tous vos commentaires la terre est devenu un enfer pour tous les animaux. Quand il n'y aura plus d'animaux on imagine fort bien ce qui se passera il me semble que cela est commencé depuis fort longtemps. le laxisme de notre société nous conduit chaque jour un peu plus "dans le mur"

pouguy | Friday 02 November 2018

celui qui fait ça est un malade, car on ne tue pas les animaux comme ça, surtout quand ils appartiennent à quelqu'un. la france est devenu un pays laxiste où la justice n'existe plus et on fait tout et n'importe quoi j'en ai honte