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Fashion Week 2018: tell Prada that animal fur is out of fashion

Fashion Week 2018: tell Prada that animal fur is out of fashion

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This festival of fashion is synonymous with terrible suffering and acts of cruelty towards animals for their fur. One Voice, representative of the FFA in France, works to reject the use of animal fur in fashion and today encourages you to contact Prada directly.

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Prada must join other luxury brands that are already "fur-free"

It seems that luxury brand Prada has forgotten that animal suffering is worthless. However, their colleagues are still enjoying the same fame as them in this field of fashion, such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Mickael Kors or Gucci who unlike Prada have put a definitive end to the use of animal fur by joining the FFA. It is obvious that Prada is late in the stage of its development by still making the link between luxury fashion and real fur, without considering the alternative materials.

In position for fashion without animal fur

Like the Fur Free Fashion Show held in Shanghai last May, it is widely shown that fake fur offers the same aesthetic and comfort qualities of real animal fur, but also benefits from the privilege of saving money and millions of lives. The famous designer can no longer wait to consider the animal cause in thier collections and to commit himself permanently to an ethical fashion which is "fur free". In April, Muccia Prada’s Director of the brand, said she was conducting a fundamental reflection on fake fur, but this desire has not yet been realized and formalized.

Let's demand that Prada ban the use of real fur from its clothing line

Fashion Week in Paris (September 24 to October 6) will be an opportunity for all of us to ask this luxury brand to ban the use of animal fur from its collections and fashion shows. Not only would Prada put an end to the torture of tens of millions of animals, it would also meet the demand of a large number of fashion enthusiasts and advocates for animal rights, while benefiting from a Fur Free Retailer label, according to the program run by the FFA. One Voice continues to campaign to ban all animal suffering, including that endured by animals sentenced to death on fur farms. You can act in this fight by asking Prada to use fake fur at their next fashion shows.

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Hearing on 28 February 2024: One Voice supports the ELLE brand against the furriers' union ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme

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Raphaël | Tuesday 16 October 2018

Respectons la Vie

Olivoz | Friday 12 October 2018

Par Amour des bêtes! Je suis végétarien et bénévole dans un refuge spa…

HELEONORE | Friday 12 October 2018

La misère animale est déjà immense et insupportable ?
Mais alors élever des animaux , les tuer de manière cauchemardesque pour la mode ...INADMISSIBLE !!!
FERMONS LES FERMES À FOURRURE , et tout ce qui atteint l’ intégrité des animaux ?

lulu | Tuesday 09 October 2018

La FOURRURE une beauté qui appartient à un animal sacrifié dans des conditions épouvantables de cruauté, mort pour une cause inhumaine et non justifiée, à bas la FOURRURE de grâce