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Farms for dolphins in France?

A law is soon to be discretely passed. This law will authorise the opening of dolphinariums on the pretence of an advance in legislation! This law will lead to the number of dolphins suffering in captivity multiplying… We must do something!

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Cetaceans suffer and die in captivity. In France alone, the orca Valentin died only a few months after his mother's death, followed by the young dolphin Alize. And today, the cases of Galeo and Lucille are attracting concern. How long can they hang on for? Despite cases like these, dolphinarium projects keep hatching, as is the case in Amneville and recently, in Beauval, where the project was abandoned following a pressure campaign lasting several months.

To authorise, as this law proposes, the dolphinariums to multiply, is to make France a nation of dolphin farmers, not only going against morality, but a regression from the planetary wake-up call much influenced by the Blackfish effect: the place for cetaceans is in the ocean. No cetacean should undergo the imprisonment, isolation and craziness that these institutions cause.

For One Voice, this decision is unacceptable. It has sent its comprehensive case to the Minister of Ecology to stop this immoral project. The measure's ban on keeping orcas and dolphins who are not normally detained would mean that dolphins born in captivity are excluded from this protection… The law therefore authorises the breeding of dolphins. We can draw close comparisons to battery farming in these tiny concrete chlorinated pools.

At no point does the law take into account the physiology or the psychology of dolphins who are not compatible with captivity. Whether they are born in captivity or not doesn't change anything! And as for the orcas, there is nothing sufficiently precise in the decree to endorse their progressive departure from the aquatic parks, as the ban on keeping them suggests. Furthermore, the 6 month waiting time before entry in force of the legislation raises concerns that the aquariums will rush to fill themselves, and will then have … 10 years (!) to conform to the new legislation. It's enough to make you mad and then die of it.

Empty the dolphinariums ! Don't endorse the filling of these pools. Cetaceans are not merchandise: they are sentient beings.

Sign and share our petition to save Galeo and to close the dolphinariums!

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Ode to Orcas: young people speak out for the release of captive orcas
"Imprisoning animals is cruel, whether it’s tigers or orcas"

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Adèle | Sunday 19 June 2016

C'est scandaleux, monstrueux. Les dauphins sont faits pour vivre libres. Honte à la France.

Dede | Sunday 19 June 2016

Il faut déjà arrêter d'aller voir ces spectacles. S'il n'y a personne, ils seront obligés de fermer et libéreront ces animaux.

anne | Wednesday 15 June 2016

La france deviendra-t-elle la poubelle de l'Europe ?

infinity | Wednesday 15 June 2016

Nous n'en voulons pas !!! Laissez-les en liberté !!!