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Fanette will not go to the slaughterhouse

At the educational farm, Fanette * was this sweet mare that the children loved. But when she was about to retire, she was to be driven to the slaughterhouse. By the way, One Voice was able to save her!

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Fanette loved walking around with Maddie, her friend a cow.

Together, at a peaceful pace, they grazed the sweet clover and alfalfa of the Ardennes hills side by side. Sometimes, too, when the barrier was left open, Fanette went off to drink at the frog pond, to watch the little amphibians leap from water lily to water lily. In the evening, she went to join her lover, a stallion who was grazing there, in a nearby meadow. Part of her day was spent with chickens, ducks and goats all grouped together in an educational farm, Fanette's mission was to awaken children to the love of Nature. And, in fact, everyone liked her.

But hey! Our mare was getting old.

She hobbled a bit from an anterior hoof and moved with difficulty.She had once leaned against a plum tree and finally uprooted it. From then on, the educational farm chose to replace her with a brand-new filly and foal. And Fanette? Ah, Fanette, you see, she's already 25 years old. And she takes up space, an old horse, it's expensive to maintain! So, she was returned to her owner, who was renting her and whom, in all probability, sent her quickly to the slaughterhouse.

What did the children say when they asked about her?

"And Fanette, where is she?". The children undoubtedly asked questions. And what answer would they have formulated without our intervention? For the cruel truth is far from love: "The old mare? Oh, nothing special: we'll just shoot a metal rod in the middle of her big forehead which is very soft and with her fringe of hair that sweeps over her eyes. Then hang her from a hook in the ceiling and cut her up to make meat. In this world of adults know it well dear little ones, the animals are NOTHING. They are only objects, movable goods that are rented, bought and sold, exploited and killed."

Fortunately, the sad fate of Fanette has reached the ears of One Voice.

Immediately we took this horse in charge and we placed her safely in a suitable sanctuary. Our kind mare now lives today happy, among her new friends’ donkeys and sheep, some of whom are as old as she is. Sometimes, surely, images come back to her and question her. Where did Maddie go, her cow friend? Do not worry Fanette: she will not go to the slaughterhouse either. We will get her to join you soon!

As for educational farms, let us hope that they will be more educational in the future, by giving children the value of respect for animals that they deserve.

* The given names have been changed 

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Tiramisu | Tuesday 29 August 2017

Une fois de plus l'animal n'est pas considéré ! C'est révoltant ! Lui qui apporte tant d'amour sans calcul !
Magnifique geste ! Continuez votre combat ! Heureusement qu'il existe de belles personnes dans ce monde de brutes. Véronique

Vanina | Monday 28 August 2017

MERCI de tout mon cœur à ONE VOICE pour avoir sauvé cette belle jument !!!
Continuez, vous êtes humain.
Vanina BESSE

Chipounette | Sunday 27 August 2017

Merci infiniment. Je vous aime !

Michèle Pirotte | Sunday 27 August 2017

Fermes pédagogiques. Encore un nom bien ronflant qui est aussi à l'origine de l’exploitation des animaux à des fins soi-disant "sociales et respectueuses de la vie" .Ces soi- disant fermes pédagogiques sont encore un exemple de l’égoïsme de certains humains, qui, sans doute, utilisent le mot transparence pour commettre l'inacceptable. Malgré le fait que l'on considère les animaux comme des êtres dotés de sentiments et capables tout comme nous,de souffrir. Malgré les progrès faits par les amis des animaux (qui sont nombreux n'en doutons pas, mais la plupart ne s'expriment pas parce que ce n'est pas politiquement correct) et les lois faites pour protéger les animaux. Bien des humains, se considérant comme les êtres ayant seuls le droit de vie et de mort sur la planète entière, considèrent qu'un animal n'est qu'un jouet, une chose avec laquelle on s'amuse, qui ne parle pas notre langue et donc ne peut être doté d'intelligence. Je pense que tous ceux qui aiment les animaux, doivent se lever tous ensemble pour dire 'non'. Peut-être qu'alors, et alors, seulement, nous écoutera-t-on. Je le souhaite de tout mon coeur.
Et tout comme une autre personne qui a écrit sur les commentaires, je ne me servirai pas d'un pseudo. Je considère avoir le devoir d'assumer mes convictions.