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Emma and Gypsie, a friendship destroyed by a hunter

Emma and Gypsie, a friendship destroyed by a hunter

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One perished under live ammunition, Gypsie. The other is inconsolable, Emma. The first was a little dog, the second is a very young girl. A wonderful friendship united them, but a hunter split them apart. He executed Gypsie and One Voice demands that he be punished for this crime.

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On November 11th, the little girl Emma a resident of Montolieu (11), posted and shared her distress on Twitter. A representative for the hunters of the region had just brought back the body of her dog Gypsie, killed with a single shot at close range. A group of people shared the girl's pain and retweeted her message over 20,000 times.

An inadmissible crime!

One Voice immediately approached Emma to support her and better understand the circumstances of the drama. She told us that the person who reported the bloody corpse of Gypsie admitted to being the culprit of this monstrous act. The man tried to justify himself by explaining that stray dogs had recently attacked his goats and that he had shot Gypsie by mistake. But, according to Emma, it cannot be an accident. The hunter is a neighbour, he knows her family and their four-legged friends very well! Who would have imagined that he would one day target their faithful friend Gypsie? The poor girl even had to go to in front of her enemy without any fear, since she often rubbed shoulders with him and trusted him!

At the side of Emma and her family

From now on, the body of this little dog now lies underground, in front of Emma's house. It was covered with many injuries’ secondary to that of a firearm - certified by a veterinary certificate - before being buried. These are incurable wounds that the girl now carries forever in her heart. Even if no one can return Gypsie to her, she fights to honour her memory and the perpetrator is no longer able to harm her. Her family has since press charges against him on November 17th. We are at her side. One Voice joins the proceedings and claims that the one who stole Gypsie's life should be heavily condemned!

Picture: Emma

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Poaching in Isère: night-time horror. The hearing is on 5 February in Valence Hearing on 7 February 2024 for an urgent suspension on tenrec hunting in Réunion

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MURIEL | Wednesday 26 December 2018

de tout coeur avec toi et j'espère que ton combat pour que justice soit rendue ne sera pas vain .

Chloé | Thursday 13 December 2018

De tout coeur avec Emma

John | Monday 10 December 2018

Hell awaits the turd who killed the great dogs now. Must end the killer for good.

Cassanaa | Sunday 09 December 2018

Les chasseurs s'installent de plus en plus dans l'arrogance et se croient tout permis. J'habite à la campagne, ils tournent autour de chez moi pour abattre des chevreuils, ils m'ont insultée parce que je leur avais demandé de nous laisser tranquille, et j'ai peur pour mes chiens et mon vieux cheval. J'ai déjà eu un chien tué par un chasseur : je sais qui c'est, mais je n'ai jamais retrouvé le corps de mon ami. Pas de suite possible...
Courage, petite Emma, essaie de ne plus penser qu'aux bons moments.... Et bravo pour ta plainte.