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Electric shocks and forced swimming in France in 2022

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If you think forced swimming tests and electric shocks live in the past, you are going to need to reassess your position: despite the controversy of the subject, the Ministry of Research has just approved a project that is going to electrocute 600 rats repeatedly and force them to swim with no way out to study the way in which chronic stress can lead to depression. How can these practices be accepted in France in 2022?

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You have probably already heard about ‘forced swimming’ tests, which involve putting a rodent in a container of water to observe how long they will struggle for and try to get out. The test generally lasts six minutes, an eternity during which the rodent cannot know if they are going to survive or end up drowning. First, they struggle, before abandoning the idea of getting out, then limiting themselves only to movements that are necessary to keep their head above the water.

During this time, they are filmed. Nowadays, the footage will be analysed by specialised software, developed by Bioseb in Vitrolles or Viewpoint in Lyon for example, to automatically decipher the behaviours observed, that are used to assess the ‘depression’ or the distress of these animals, most often to predict the effectiveness of antidepressant medications.

A new project approved in France

Thanks to the European Commission, France has finally published recent abstracts of projects involving the use of animals since 2022. I am sure you have understood: a project recently approved by the Ministry of Research is going to use the forced swimming test to study ‘the development of depressive symptoms brought on by chronic stress’.

In short, this is to say that 600 rats, after they have had cannulas implanted in their brains, will be subjected for two days straight to a fifty-minute session of ‘inescapable and unpredictable’ electric shocks.

Then the research team will assess their depressive behaviour and the effect of a molecule of interest with behavioural tests, including a fifteen-minute forced swimming test.

Help us to put a stop to these tests

It is unacceptable that these tests carry on nowadays. Rats are intelligent, playful animals and are sensitive to the needs of their companions. Sentient animals, in short. Nothing justifies using them for our own interests.

Over the next few weeks, we will tell you more about forced swimming, its practice in France, the international campaigns against its use, and the alternatives worth considering to help people suffering with depression.

Join us in asking the Ministry of Research to forbid these tests.

      on cruelty

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      / ? \ Electric shocks and learned helplessness — Inflicting electric shocks with no way out on animals is a common method in research on depression. ‘Learned helplessness’ was conceptualised by Martin Seligman and James Bruce Overmier in 1967 after they subjected dogs to inescapable electric shocks, observing afterwards that the dogs did not even make an effort to avoid new electric shocks in a situation where it was possible for them to do so. Their experiment was reproduced many times afterwards, using different animals, leading to numerous interpretations, and has been the basis of a model of depression that is well-used today on rodents. Electric shocks used to provoke learned helplessness are also part of the examples of ‘strict’ procedures provided under French regulation.

      © Rose M. Spielman, PhD - Psychology: OpenStax, p. 519, Fig 14.22 / / CC BY 4.0

      This article is the first in a series of four on forced swimming:

      1. Electric shocks and forced swimming in France in 2022
      2. Forced swimming: the images
      3. Forced swimming: the companies that advance and the industry that resists (coming soon)
      4. Forced swimming: other approaches are possible (coming soon)

      Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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      Claudine | Thursday 23 June 2022

      Stop à toute cette

      Claudine | Thursday 23 June 2022

      C est vraiment sadique, de la torture que l on inflige à toutes ces bêtes, sans aucune défense... elles ne peuvent que subir... Affreux, insoutenable, sans aucune compassion. Cela me révolte !

      Olivo | Tuesday 21 June 2022

      Avec l'Europe et tous ces politiques, ces pauvres animaux ont le malheur comme espérance de vie, il faut que cela cesse.
      Les rats ainsi que d'autres animaux seront là, quand les "humains", le mot est ici inapproprié, auront disparu de la surface de la terre.
      Ces animaux ont plus de courage et de volonté que beaucoup d'humains, il faut les aider.

      Claudine | Thursday 23 June 2022

      Pouvez vous ne serait ce qu'une seconde imaginer ce que vivent inutilement tous ces animaux ?? Êtes vous des humains dignes de ce nom ??

      Patricia | Monday 20 June 2022

      Tout ça pour le seul plaisir de faire souffrir ! La France qui progresse vers l'abîme.