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Dumba in Germany, finally far away from life on the road

Dumba in Germany, finally far away from life on the road

Mis à jour le 12 June 2021

Our investigators travelled to Germany to see how Dumba was doing at the Elefantenhof Platschow settled circus near Hamburg. She is finally far away from the touring and isolation; nevertheless she is still exploited. But our legal proceedings in France and Germany are underway and we will never give up on her.

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Under pressure from FAADA in Spain, us in France, and with the support of Free The Wild, led by Cher along with members of the public from around the world, the touring life is over for Dumba! And she is no longer alone. Surrounded by other elephants, she is nevertheless still exploited. Our investigators went to see her twice in a kind of permanent circus, near Hamburg in North Germany, since her arrival there at the end of February.

Her living conditions at Elefantenhof Platschow are far from good. In fact, the place is managed by circus artists and she has to take part in routines for an unaware audience or pose for souvenir photos. Because there are non-stop visits and celebrations of all types (birthdays, marriages…) being organised, where popcorn is sold and people get on the elephants, training is ever-present and compliance is constant.

The photos and videos that our investigators reported have made it possible to understand her conditions of confinement. The legal proceedings are therefore underway in France and Germany. There is no question of throwing in the towel or giving up on Dumba! Her place is in a sanctuary, for example at Elephant Haven, our partner in France where we have a place reserved for her, certainly not in a settled circus where she remains exploited and threatened with a stick.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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marie-claude | Monday 28 June 2021

Merci pour Dumba et j'espère que bientôt ce sera encore mieux pour elle, vous arriverez à la placer avec les siens!

Huguette tremblay | Friday 18 June 2021

Merci pour Dumba, si vous pouvez faire encore plus pour la sauver de cette misère. Je ne comprend plus pourquoi les gens sont rendus tellement indifférents vis à vis des animaux. Ah! oui, je viens de comprendre: pour l'argent qu'ils en retirent certainement. Quelle horreur, pauvre bête qui ne demande que d'être avec les siens dans la nature. Ces gens vont être jugés un jour, j'en suis certaine.
Merci pour ce que vous faites pour Dumba à date et merci pour tous les autres animaux que vous aidez. Merci pour eux.

Lili | Wednesday 16 June 2021

Merci pour tout ce que vous faîtes pour eux ! Je vous soutiens de tout coeur. Nous devons continuer à nous mobiliser contre toutes les injustices subies par les animaux. Courage à vous, ne lâchez rien ! Merci encore d'être là.

BIDULE | Tuesday 15 June 2021

Il y a du mieux, une place dans un sanctuaire reste cependant la meilleure et seule solution acceptable.