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Dolphins and the out-dated

Dolphins and the out-dated

Mis à jour le 26 April 2018

In the D-FE * coalition, One Voice is mobilizing to denounce the shameful exploitation of dolphins by a TV entertainment program currently shooting in Portugal.

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Last minute: the show is suspended!

Under the pressure and the actions from NGO’s gathered together such as the Dolphinarium Free Europe (DFE) of which One Voice is a member, the show was suspended. However, the risk of it being produced in other European countries, and particularly in France, still exists. Stay alert!

Presentation of the show

The concept of the program is Dolphins with the Stars - produced by Shine Iberia and broadcast by CIS - it’s to bring together "the most popular stars and the most adored animals" **. Ten couples, formed by a celebrity and a dolphin, must present on prime time viewing an elaborate performance which is duly filmed for thirty days. "Judges" and TV viewers will then decide on the winner.

An unethical broadcast

"The most adored animals" can do without this craze that feeds an increasingly cynical industry. The Zoomarine dolphinarium in the Algarve region of Portugal, where the show is shot, holds 21 dolphins, of which at least five have been captured with certainty from the wild. In addition to captivity, the dolphins “partner of the stars" must undergo additional stress related to the training and the euphoria from this kind of spectacle whose main gaol is to make this show with no consideration for these animals.

A dangerous show

The broadcasting of such a program contributes to the organized misinformation of the general public concerning dolphins, both from the point of view of ethology and that of sentience. This leads to the making of a material object out of a wild animal. The stars, so concerned about their image, should become aware of the out-dated nature of this type of program and the responsibility they endorse by being complicit in such exploitation.

Our action

Considering these violations of Portuguese and European laws that have been perpetrated by this program Dolphins with the Stars, One Voice signed a letter sent today to the Portuguese President asking him to intervene. Other actions are being prepared.

Let's be vigilant!

For the moment, this program is confined to Portugal. Nevertheless, the concept has already attracted interest with China and 14 European countries, including France. It seems that a French production company has already expressed interest, to the delight of a dolphinarium.

If such a project came to life, One Voice is counting on your mobilization.

* Dolphinaria-Free Europe

** Terms used by La Competencia, the Spanish production company behind the show

*** European Association for Aquatic Mammals

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Marie-paule | Saturday 23 January 2016

En espérant que de ce genre de programme-TV ne voit jamais le jour dans aucun pays membres de l'UE. Sinon comptez sur moi !