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Dolphinariums: our letter to Nicolas Hulot

Dolphinariums: our letter to Nicolas Hulot

Mis à jour le 03 July 2018

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Dear Minister,

Our association One Voice is surprised that you have so far still not adopted a new decree prohibiting the possession of any new cetaceans in institutions located in the national territory. In response to the cancellation of the decree on May 3th, 2017 which set out the general characteristics and operating rules of establishments presenting to the public live specimens of cetaceans pronounced on January 29th, 2018 by the Council of the State.

There is no doubt that the parks will take advantage of this new period of time to continue and intensify their breeding programs for common bottle nose dolphins, thus increasing the number of individuals destined for captivity along with its share of suffering.

However, you are fully aware of the miserable lives of these animals in these aquariums, as well as the disastrous consequences of these entertainment activities on the protection of the species to which they belong and that article 1 of the cancelled decree echoed. Since then our association wonders about these delays?

We thank you for informing us of the date of the next prohibition order.

Please accept, Dear Mr. Minister, Nicolas Hulot, the assurance of my most sincere salutations.

Prepared in Paris on 2nd March 2018

Muriel Arnal

President and Founder One Voice

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Maria Vitória | Saturday 10 March 2018

Esses parques aquáticos são o inferno para os golfinhos. Fechem essas prisões.
Isso é diversão pra turista babaca, ignorante.

Patoun | Friday 09 March 2018

Ces cétacés doivent vivre sereinement , leur détresse est inhumaine et est dûe à l'homme , à l'égoïsme et au caprice de l'homme , honte à celui-ci ....Soyons plus vigilants pour le respect de ces cétacés .....nous les détruisons avec notre inconscience ..! ! !

Paola | Friday 09 March 2018

Comment en 2018 on peut retenir de la sorte des dauphins prisonniers des petits bassins et à des fins commerciales ? Stop libérez les cétacés !

jylout | Thursday 08 March 2018

Que veut dire pour N.Hulot le mot Écologie ???
Pognon, et je-m’en-foutisme des animaux et des règles de la nature !!!