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Dolphinariums in China, the return of a bad omen for the orcas held by Marineland

Dolphinariums in China, the return of a bad omen for the orcas held by Marineland

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More than a year ago we warned that Marineland in Antibes was planning to send Inouk, Wikie, Moana and Keijo to a dolphinarium in China. After a month of
campaigning and three lines of denial, Marineland said it had no plans to send the orcas to China … in 2020.

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A rumour that is unfortunately being confirmed

Since the announcements made by Barbara Pompili and the bill on the mistreatment of animals, the days of dolphinariums in France are – finally – numbered. But now there are fresh rumours about the future of the orcas in France: two Chinese establishments are said to intend to resort to artificial insemination of orcas already held in China, but also to buy captive orcas of reproductive age from abroad. Several such establishments have already been identified: in Russia, the United States, Japan … and in Spain and France.

That's when the declaration made by Marineland to Christian Estrosi during our campaign with Sea Shepherd last year becomes – unfortunately – interesting. It includes the statement "that the future of the animals in the park will depend on the decisions taken by the Ministry of Ecology".

Parc Astérix, a model that should definitely not be followed!

When we see how Parc Astérix got rid – there is no other way of expressing it – of the dolphins held there, it is impossible not to be alarmed at what the next few weeks will bring. No, sending the orcas, 'our' orcas, to China could not be perceived as a fine gesture by Marineland. Allowing this transfer to take place would be scandalous!

Yes, our orcas must be saved!

The end of dolphinariums in France will be a victory only on condition that the animals currently held are given a well-earned retirement, not a one-way ticket to an even worse fate! Inouk, Wikie, Moana and Keijo must not be sent to another dolphinarium, and certainly not to China. They were born in France and it is our duty to offer them a better life, a real life, in a sanctuary!

Translated by Patricia Fairey MCIL

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The court prohibit Marineland from relocating the orcas before the end of the independent assessment Marineland: One Voice has obtained a temporary ban on moving the orcas - hearing on 16/01/2024

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Mme Loup | Friday 30 April 2021

Les orques, animaux intelligents, doivent pouvoir vivre en liberté, avec leur famille puisque leur dialecte est personnel à chaque famille!

Charlotte | Friday 16 April 2021

Il ne faut pas que les orques de Marineland soient envoyées en Chine où les conditions seront désastreuses pour elles. Elles ont vécues toutes leurs vies dans des conditions de prison déjà et devraient vivre le reste de leurs vies dans un sanctuaire ensemble!!!

Pino | Thursday 25 March 2021

Pitié pour ces martyrs, octroyons-leur au moins une fin de vie agréable.
Allons jusqu’au bout de ces actions entreprises par le gouvernement.

Stéphane | Saturday 06 March 2021

Leur transfert vers d'autres delphinariums - et en particulier en Chine - serait un désastre !
Merci à One Voice pour son travail sans relâche pour empêcher cela.