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Dog and cat abattoirs in France

Tens of thousands of dogs and hundreds of thousands of cats are killed there. Their bodies end up in the knackery. No longer required after an often short life, they are abandoned and thrown away…

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Euthanasia. We are not talking about putting down an animal out of love to relieve pain. We are talking about euthanasia being performed for commercial reasons, or being performed reluctantly when no alternative is available due to ignorance, a lack of awareness or a 'consumer' attitude. This is unacceptable! It is undergone on a large scale, in unimaginable proportions. Every year, tens of thousands of dogs and hundreds of thousands of cats are forgotten, thrown away and put down following irresponsible breeding, or because they are no longer useful, they get in the way, or they are traumatised from bad practices which makes living with them impossible, or even because they don't live up to our expectations…

This 'complaisance' massacre is staged in veterinary surgeries. Overwhelmed refuges are resigned to this sacrifice because they have no other choice, and the commercial pounds that have already made their money from the victims play a strong part…

In certain refuges there are weekly 'slaughter days', and more frequently for the pounds. The killing takes place on a production line, with corpses taken away by utility vehicles, filling big freezers… Imagine the cat kennels; the floor covered in bodies, cats killed one after the other by intra-cardial injection (a highly technical act used for efficiency to avoid the expensive preliminary anaesthetic). There is also home 'euthanasia,' avoiding expensive fees. This is mass killing, no less.

However, there are simple solutions which can be put in place to protect animals from this cruel practice.

These abandonments are often the result of big misunderstandings which make living together impossible and sometimes result in serious traumas. This has been brought to light in our investigation into canine clubs. For a harmonious life with our animal companions, One Voice has launched the 'Companionship' campaign, which has already hosted successful conferences on cats and dogs in the last two years!

But what also fills up the refuges is the overpopulation caused by random and irresponsible repeated breeding… In making sterilisation obligatory, we can avoid mass euthanasia and the unlawful commerce which goes in parallel with it. Our companions are not consumables!

Please help us correctly protect our dogs and cats, sign and share the petition: "Dogs and cats: our family".

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Paul Annick | Thursday 17 January 2019

Je pense qu’il faudrait éduquer les gens car beaucoup n’ont aucun respect pour leurs animaux,on prend et l’on jette que ça dérange et l’on en reprend un voilà la mentalité des gens ,les fourrières en France vont finir comme celles de Peta au Québec où les animaux sont massacrés main les premiers responsables sont les propriétaires 😢

petitfauve39 | Thursday 10 January 2019

C'est ignoble..Je ne peux pas imaginer qu'une telle horreur soit réelle!

foxgalgo | Thursday 10 January 2019

pourquoi abattre des animaux qui n'ont rien demandé. Faites plutôt des lois pour exiger la stérilisation . C'est plus sage

Kris | Thursday 10 January 2019

Les animaux ne sont pas des jouets qu'on jette quand on en veut plus ...