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Does Pinder hang up his whip in the locker room?

Does Pinder hang up his whip in the locker room?

Mis à jour le 23 May 2018

The Circus Pinder has cancelled several dates of performances (in May in Grenoble, Albertville, Valence ...), and currently does not offer any dates for booking after April 2018! Is it - finally - the beginning of the end of circuses with animals?

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According to the press, the circus has cancelled several dates of performance, and on its website, no reservation is possible after the month of April. A bystander told us what the circus told her, but from our side, having failed to reach the circus - all calls unanswered- we cannot confirm this information. 

However, we can question this cancelled tour at a time when the legitimacy of the presence of the circus is questioned both by animal defenders and the public, who is turning more and more towards live shows without the exploitation of animals.

In any case, we are delighted that lions, lionesses, camels, zebras, donkeys, dogs and all the other animals of this circus are finally freed from the constraint of homelessness, from captivity in cramped cages, and from roadside car parks. When not touring, they live in a park, on the grass, in the Paris region.

In several photographs of Jo-Anne McArthur, taken during our investigation last year, lionesses and lions show their fangs...

The big cats have visibly had enough of these constraints, the gaze from the crowds, these obligations, this life without freedom... in the constant contact of these humans, the sensitive ears struck by this thunderous music, eyes blinded by multi-coloured spot lights...

We also remember that it is very bad for the lions back to be ridden upon by a human animal like a moped, as does the trainer at every performance. It is not normal for a big cat or any other animal to obey a human primate, or to be stored as a tool in cages on the back of trucks. It is not natural either to be whipped and to obey under duress! No animal has to undergo such treatment.

And even if he were born in captivity, the need and the thirst for freedom remains unchanged!

While waiting to know more, demand circuses without animals!

Photos: One Voice/Jo-Anne McArthur WeAnimals

Julia Mothé
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Against all odds for Samba, the last ‘circus’ elephant, whose suffering has broken the State’s indifference We will defend the animals from the Franco-Belge Circus before the courts.

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Anouk | Monday 07 May 2018

Le cirque sans animaux est tellement plus créatif! !! Le Cirque du Soleil par exemple est fantastique! Il faut évoluer les mentalités! Nous sommes en 2018 et les animaux sont des êtres qui méritent de vivre heureux comme nous!

Lilyplume | Wednesday 02 May 2018

Vous ne donnez plus de nouvelles de Samba depuis longtemps.
Où en est-on en ce qui la concerne ?
Sylvie Ouilhon

Momo | Tuesday 01 May 2018

Il faut libérer les éléphants, fermer tous les cirques avec des animaux et fermer tous les zoos

Macha | Tuesday 01 May 2018

J'espère de tout mon cœur. On sait que la bonne blague est celle qui fait rire tout le monde. Il faut se poser des bonnes questions: quand nous nous amusons dans le cirque, est ce la même chose pour les animaux? Je ne pense pas.