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Dolphinarium: a film clip that reveals the facts

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There exists what the dolphinariums tell you, there exists what they show to the public, what they want our children to believe. And then there exists the facts. The history of these individuals that they exploit is not at all festive. For them, the fight of One Voice continues.

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One Voice invites you to discover this clip, made with the European coalition of which we are a member. They tell in drawings the life of Femke, Inouk, Galéo and Aïcko. With children in mind, who have the right to know the truth, it helps to support and engage them against dolphinariums, as Melvil, 8 has done, he lent his voice to the conclusion.

Children are the primary audience for the captivity industry. They are exposed to a masked but real violence.

The final scheduled closure of marine circuses in France should not make him forget because the shows will continue as long as they have detainees.

One Voice continues its fight to offer captive individuals a life-end in dignity.

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Marineland is considering sending its orcas to a dolphinarium in Japan: One Voice is preparing an attack Kiska, an orca born free and dying without ever having seen the sea again