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Create obese dogs to help humans lose weight

Create obese dogs to help humans lose weight

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Obesity in humans is a major public health problem, largely caused by their lifestyle. But rather than rethinking our way of life, in 2016 researchers targeted the dog. For Dr. André Ménache, this method is absurd.

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Science is supposed to vary only one element at a time to test a hypothesis ... To test a medical method on the loss of human weight, the researchers have nevertheless considered that twenty dogs, carnivores, with a digestive system that is simpler and shorter than that of humans, and whose teeth do not allow for chewing, rather that of tearing the food, were comparable to humans omnivorous of 15 kg.

These dogs have had to bear the direct, often painful consequences of heavy weight gain on their digestive organs but also on the cardiovascular system and their joints, etc. then to be moved onto the operating table. There, the researchers make a deep incision into their abdomen to implant a medical device that could lead to serious complications! These include gastric perforation, liver or spleen wounds, which would lead to additional surgery or even death and in excruciating pain. Remember that basically these dogs are puppies in perfect health, and that there is no indication that the transfer of this information to humans works.

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CAROLE BKK | Saturday 21 April 2018

C'est honteux, pour des pseudo-pilules à faire maigrir qui ne fonctionnent pas sur l'humain.
Idiot. Le chien n'a pas le même métabolisme.
Honte aux labos, uniquement pour le profit.
Je signe contre.
Je souhaite la fermeture de ce labo.

Evy | Thursday 19 April 2018

Scandaleux.. je n’ai pas de mot tellement je souffre de voir qu’en 2018 il y ait encore de telles atrocités en toute légalité au yeux de la Loi ... honte à vous messieurs du gouvernement de ne rien faire .????????

Camille | Thursday 19 April 2018

Rien ne justifie la torture, fusse celle des animaux ! C'est un scandale !

Bastet | Thursday 19 April 2018

C'est tout simplement horrible et barbare !