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China clones’ monkeys so they can deprive them of sleep

They are still so small, these macaques born after cloning to study sleep disorders. But they already show high levels of anxiety.

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They are clutching each other, eyes haggard. Their fear is legitimate, their incomprehension as well. At their age, these little monkeys should be safe in their mother's arms. A mother, they will never know, what became of her after the sordid operations that she suffered for the sake of cloning?

Chinese researchers were able to clone monkeys a few months ago and have just started again. They assure us that the experiments that these monkeys will undergo will be supervised by an ethics committee according to international standards. There is something to shudder about for these animals who, if they survive the invasive experiments that await them, they will be experimented on for years to come without a moment's respite.

2018, Zhong Zhong et Hua Hua, les premiers primates non humains à être clonés

These sensitive and intelligent animals have no place in laboratories. And beyond the years of immense suffering that awaits them, there are many moral questions to be asked, scientists using animal cloning will have to be one of them!

In China, no legislation exists to protect animals. In 2008, our legal team worked on a text with Chinese associations. It had been suggested to the politicians who wanted to make things happen. Since then, our Chinese partners are fighting with all their might, but what resistance!

It’s up to all of us to continue the mobilization in France, as in the world with our partners.

Like us, write to the Chinese Embassy to express all your indignation:

For the attention of His Excellency,

Mr. ZHAI Jun, 
Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in France 
20 Rue Monsieur 
75007 Paris

or by

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Sabri | Saturday 02 February 2019

In the name of humanity and for God´s sake´s, do not allow to use cloned primates for investigating about sleeping problems or mental illnesses, that would only aggravate human problems, it won´t resolve or help in any way to heal human mental illness, it is already a collective illness among humankind to use innocent creatures for our own benefit with is a false benefit. Humanity will recover it´s sanity and well being when it will return to the natural way of things, to a balance where we are able to live without destroying the biosphere, without polluting endlessly and without harming other living creatures. Stop this insanity! If you have such power, use it in a noble, righteous way, do not allow such barbarities in the name of ´human evolution`, these kind of acts just bring us further and further from our true sense of life. Thank you for reading.

Gabrielle | Friday 01 February 2019

J'ai envoyé la lettre. Il y a tellement de souffrance sur cette terre que nous pourrions éviter. Alors, ne baissons pas les bras, on doit cela à tous ces animaux qui comptent sur nous. Cette terre ne nous appartient pas, mais l'homme a tendance à l'oublier et à faire n'importe quoi, c'est toujours une question d'argent… et dire que nous prétendons être des "êtres supérieurs".

goldiepuppchen | Thursday 31 January 2019

j'ai posté ma lettre hier. Espérons que .....

anne | Thursday 31 January 2019

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a de plus choquant là-dedans?
-Créer des animaux perturbés dans le but de les faire souffrir? Se figurer que les tortures qui leur seront infligées pourront soigner les humains?
Si je n'était depuis longtemps dégoûtée de l'espèce humaine, je le deviendrais.
Il y a tant à faire pour les chercheurs en s'attachant aux méthodes alternatives et ces dinosaures s'acharnetn sur les animaux.