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Chicco gets the Fur Free Retailer label!

Chicco gets the Fur Free Retailer label!

Mis à jour le 21 December 2019

Chicco, an Italian brand dedicated to the entire world of babies, has long banned the use of animal fur, but goes even further by signing a formal, fur-free commitment with LAV and the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition. One Voice is the French representative.

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The brand, which has always paid great attention to the materials used in the production and creation of its baby and children's clothing collections - from 0 to 8 years - confirms its commitment to promote sustainable fashion by complying with the standards of Fur Free Retailer and Animal Free Fashion programs and reinforces its decision not to use animal fur.

Chicco's signature is the result of the brand's interaction with LAV, as the Italian representative of the Fur Free Alliance International network. This reinforces the sense of responsibility that drives the brand to disseminate and promote respect for the principles of welfare and animal welfare, in accordance with its own mission and DNA, to be "wherever there is a child".

Joh Vinding, President of Fur Free Alliance, says, "We are delighted to welcome Chicco as a Fur Free Retailer partner. With the support of companies like Chicco, caring for future generations, the absence of fur will be the new standard in the fashion industry."

For Muriel Arnal, Founding President of One Voice, "To see Chicco join us for a fashion and accessories without fur shows how important the subject is at all levels. The awareness of the damage from this industry on the planet and the biodiversity as well as on health is profound."

Simone Pavesi, LAV Manager - Animal Free Fashion, adds: "It's good to know that Chicco has joined our program, as the signing of a well-established brand like Chicco can only emphasize the importance of fur-free fashion."

Mr. Orseniga, sales manager for Chicco's fashion and retail sector, concludes: "With this signing, Chicco confirms the brand's long-standing commitment and we hope this will help promote a positive attitude and more consciousness within the fashion industry about animals and their well-being."

More and more major international brands are signing up, proof of a profound change in society. These two labels, Fur Free Retailer and Animal Free Fashion are developed in France by One Voice. All the brands concerned can be consulted on our dedicated website.

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