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Two dolphins from Parc Astérix, Cessol and Guama, are already in Sweden

Two dolphins from Parc Astérix, Cessol and Guama, are already in Sweden

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Such cynicism ... When Parc Astérix reported on Sunday 24 January 2021 on the gradual transfer of the dolphins used in its dolphinarium, several of them – or even all? – had already left! Two arrived in Sweden on Saturday 23 January 2021. And not in a sanctuary.

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Yesterday Norrköping Airport in Sweden published photos of a cargo plane transporting dolphins from France. Djurrättsalliansen, our Swedish partner in the Dolphinaria-Free Europe coalition, alerted us. We then found out how many there were, their ages and the reason for transferring them.

The dolphins concerned were Guama, born in the wild and captured in Cuba in 1987 when he was only five years old, and Cessol, the other male in Parc Astérix, born at Seaworld Orlando in 1984. Both are very old but they have been sent to Kolmårdens, a Swedish dolphinarium, which opened in 1969, for breeding. Where more than sixty dolphins have already died!

Amongst Guama's offspring at Astérix are Bahia, born in 2015, and her sister Bélize, born two years later, and before them there were their big brother, Naska, born in 2010, and their half-brother, Ekinox, Femke's son. The two young males were sold to Greece in 2016. Guama is also the father of Aïcko and Galéo, who were sent to Planète Sauvage. We are well aware of the tragedy that befell Aïcko.

That is why, when we were working in 2017 with the advisers of Ségolène Royal, then Minister of Ecology, we had asked for (and obtained!) a ban on breeding AND on exchanges of cetaceans between dolphinariums. For those who have turned captive animals into an industry, sensing the way the wind has been blowing since the announcements Barbara Pompili made at the end of September, it was unthinkable to allow these animals the opportunity to spend a few years of retirement living as dolphins should. The documents had been prepared as early as 25 November and 21 December 2020! Two months ago. That is why we are not giving up the fight against these animal parks.

Given their age, stress could easily have killed them: Guama, for whom freedom is such a distant memory, and Cessol, who will never have known freedom. We are extremely worried about Femke, who is already very fragile. Where has she been sent? Getting rid of such old dolphins by sending them away to breed shows total lack of respect.

Obviously at the moment there are no sanctuaries in Europe, but the Parc showed not the slightest willingness to go in that direction. Parc Astérix will have made a good profit from the dolphins without ever giving them anything in return or even considering it. When one thinks of the profits that the managers of the dolphinarium have made from them, they could at least have created somewhere for the dolphins to live out their lives in peace with being subject to any form of exploitation. The system continues, as does our fight.

Julia Mothé
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Karine & Philippe | Tuesday 30 March 2021

Ces mammifères ont été exploités toute leur vie, tout cela grâce à des parcs d'attraction qui se sont fait un pognon de dingue sur leur dos, avec la complicité de nos élus qui n'ont cessé de nous mentir, en prétextant qu'ils étaient soucieux du bien-être animal, que de mensonges et de perfidie.

micky | Saturday 30 January 2021

Bonsoir, je suis furieuse contre de tels comportement, les humains, heureusement pas tous, sont des lâches, seuls les profits comptent, les animaux n'ont aucune place dans leur coeur. Je suis terriblement triste de lire ces articles, et me sens tellement impuissante. Je contribue très modestement à vos engagements.
Bravo, continuez!

Delfine | Saturday 30 January 2021

Poor animal and full of pain for a life in prison...

regus | Saturday 30 January 2021

Une honte ! Il n'y a que l'argent qui compte au mépris du bien-être animal ! On aurait pu les placer dans un sanctuaire pour qu'ils puissent y vivre une retraite bien méritée ! Que fait ce gouvernement et Barbara Pompili en particulier en faveur des animaux ? Juste des annonces, non suivies d'effets!