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Canned hunting in Sologne: The lucrative business of death

Canned hunting in Sologne: The lucrative business of death

Mis à jour le 07 July 2021

Our first publication made great waves, some pictures of our infiltration even appeared in the programme “At the forefront of canned hunting” at the end of May, presented by Hugo Clément. Here is the second part of this undercover investigation within canned hunting, this time on the land of Sologne, so well known and criticised for this reason.

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In Sologne, as the tourist board’s site indicates, “nature reigns: real, wild, elegant and secret at the same time…” The natural territory is ideal for the prosperity of animals: fallow deer, stags, wild boar, etc. The hunters and landowners knew how to exploit this wealth until they made a real business out of it, which is, however, not agreed with by everyone, including some of the hunters. We already indicated in our infiltration pictures at the heart of the hunt: even the President of the National Federation of Hunters condemns territories being fenced off and hunting which he says does not correspond with his ethics… which does not stop him from participating, from encouraging young hunters to practise and indeed from organising hunts (canned ones) on the estate of Château de Chambord in particular.

Hundreds of hunting enclosures in France

Like everywhere else in France, hunting enclosures are the scene of genuine tragedy for the animals. There are hundreds in France, without doubt more than a thousand. By listing those which publish advertisements on their websites. As a matter of fact, today we also unveiled a map which details the majority of hunting enclosures present on our territory. In addition to that are those which do not advertise on the internet, those which exploit legislation by having an opening of a few metres in the fence in order not to be considered as a closed territory, or others which claim to be an open territory when all those next to them are hunting enclosures.

The animals which are placed there are raised precisely with this aim, with the risk, if they escape, of strengthening the population of wild boar and deer in nature afterwards – the very populations which hunters conveniently want to “handle” and “regulate”.

These animals are killed for pleasure and end their days suffering in a bloodbath

Our investigators have brought back photos whereby, for example, you see injured wild boar crawling dozens of metres, others killed with a spear after a ruthless hunt, surrounded by dogs.

The comments of the hunters themselves, reporting their “feats of arms”, laughing that the animals threw themselves against the fencing – willing to do anything to avoid death because, recognising the line of fire, they know what awaits them if they take the only route possible… – and disappointed to not have been able to kill them in the process, increase the barbarity of this practice further.

Canned hunting: theme parks for hunters longing to kill

In Sologne, organisers of these days announced at the beginning of the day that all the animals of the “park” could be killed, even the wild sows with piglets… For Muriel Arnal, the founding president of One Voice, it is like target shooting using living animals. For one of our investigators, the hunters were in reality clients for whose pleasure everything is organised. They are transported around; if they didn’t spot any animals or couldn’t shoot in a hunt, in the following, they were positioned in such a manner that this opportunity was given to them. At the end of the day, they left with a carcass in the boot and potentially a trophy. They did not come to hunt but to kill. It is a theme park for hunters. If they want to slay more, they simply pay more.

They are so quick to fire “into the crowd” that the organisers have to remind them that their weapons can kill the dogs and that they need to think before opening fire – organisers who specify to their clients at the beginning of the day the “good news”: they have added a stag and a fallow deer to the range to be slaughtered on the board…

The butchers are in situ from the end of the first hunt, to open, empty, clean and skin the carcasses and hook them under an outside canopy whilst wading through the blood. They wouldn’t want those who had operated the guns all day to get their hands dirty.

And when the carcass of a deer does not fit in the boot of a car, no problem, they take out a saw as you would take out a jack in the event of a puncture, and chop its hooves off, proud of their great idea.

Several bills against canned hunting

One may question the aim of Guillaume Peltier’s bill because, more than fanciful, this is above all defiant. But three other bills, those ones serious, have been filed by representatives, one by Bastien Lachaud shortly after our first disclosures. There are some transpartisan issues and the way in which society treats animals is one of them.

Hunting must be reformed extensively. The prohibition of canned hunts would be the first advantageous step for wild animals. Our country brings shame upon human dignity given the way in which it treats animals. A little compassion would restore our image overseas and set an example to our younger generations. To help us in our outlook, please sign our petition!

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