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Breeders under surveillance: Seizure at the repeat offenders

Breeders under surveillance: Seizure at the repeat offenders

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On May 5th, the Zoé branch of One Voice was back in the Oise. Thanks to the vigilance of her investigators, breeders who had already been convicted of acts of cruelty were again taken into custody for repeated offences.

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7.00 am in the morning. The shutters are closed. The house remains in dilapidated and sad state. It looks as though it is growing out of the mud that surrounds it; the area is strewn with rubbish. The gendarmes come in first, followed by the DDPP veterinarians and then One Voice. 

In the field: there are dozens of dwarf goats left to their own devices and some with babies. The condition of their hooves indicates a lack of care. And then a goat, in a box of dirty concrete, exposed to the wind and rain, without water or food. Another frightened in a muddy mesh enclosure, tries to shelter as best it can under some planks of wood. An old plastic pet's bed is filled with urine.
Cats are also there, some roaming free others kept in enclosures on the ground covered with excrement. The smell is unbearable. Their makeshift and filthy shelters do not even protect them from the cold. They do not trust humans and hide in the corners, out of sight. How are they fed? Bones hang there, as well as a bowl filled with pasta.
Behind a door, we discover a cat's corpse, abandoned long ago.
In the house everything is dirty, very dirty. The images from the first seizure 6 years ago come flooding back to us. Fewer dogs this time though, "only" 4 French Bulldogs. A bitch underwent a caesarean section, apparently without the intervention of a professional vet. And again more cats, then a hen, at least what remains of it. Its poor body, already dry, lies in a transport box in the kitchen, since when?Our partner sanctuaries are there. Some took several hours driving to be there and then to put these animals into shelter and safety.

Since 2004, we have been investigating this couple who call themselves breeders. In 2011, they were given a final ban on keeping animals, as well as imprisonment for serious offenses and acts of cruelty. We had brought out 46 dogs from their home. Luckily today, thanks to the surveillance that we had maintained, they were placed in custody and the animals that were at their home were seized. A legal procedure is now in progress. We will do everything we can to ensure that the punishment they receive will be an exemplary one.

One Voice would particularly like to thank the gendarmes and the DDPP who have been working on this case since it began.

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tao | Thursday 31 May 2018

j espère que cette fois fois ils vont avoir une condamnation exemplaire
y a en a ras le bol en France de ces récidivistes
bravo pour votre ténacité heureusement que one Voice est la !!
continuez à les traquer et à bien mette en lumière ces pratiques afin d'abolir définitivement la souffrance animale

Flora | Sunday 27 May 2018

Merci de défendre et de vous battre au quotidien pour tous ces pauvres animaux livrés à eux même car abandonnés comme des objets encombrants ?maltraitance faute de nourriture et soins et locaux insalubres?
Peine exemplaire car récidive.
bises!!!bonne continuation

nadine | Sunday 25 June 2017

merci et bravo pour votre ténacité
Il était sur qu'ils recommenceraient, ne sachant rien faire d'autres que l'exploitation des animaux, mais leur histoire étant connue de tous comment ont ils pu se "réapprovisionner" en bouledogues? ces gens là aussi sont condamnables
Ecore un grand merci en comptant sur un jugement TRES ferme

ONE VOICE | Monday 26 June 2017

Les éleveurs dont il est question ont pu se réapprovisionner grâce à des complicités, des personnes qui ont continué à leur fournir des animaux. Malgré la surveillance dont ils faisaient l'objet.

Guy Volz | Monday 29 May 2017

J'accepte la charte de modération mais comment dire que ce couplé était, est et, j'en suis persuadé, restera des salauds. Je suis censuré ?
Tant pis j'ajoute encore un mot : chapeau et merci à One Voice.

Guy Voltz