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Behind the Dieselgate, the scandal of animal experimentation

Behind the Dieselgate, the scandal of animal experimentation

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From 2009 to 2015, Volkswagen claimed to have reduced the pollution emitted by its cars. As the current investigation is unveiling, the whole world is discovering the experiments made on macaques in an attempt to show that there is no danger for humans.

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The animal experimentation lobby has always justified its existence by claiming to be a must to save lives. But what is reality? In 2014, just before the scandal of the Dieselgate broke out, they were still in the same old routine: locking up monkeys and exposing them to gas and fine particles from the exhausts of diesel cars and gasoline. Yet the effects and dangerousness of diesel on nature and living beings were already well known. Its strong tendency to pollute was well established.

These experiments were ordered by the car manufacturer in order to use the argument of "cleanliness" of its engines, giving it a- so-called - <<green>> guarantee and this, thanks to animal experimentation.

Cartoons for macaques

The personnel responsible for the experimentations knew very well who their guinea pigs were, otherwise why make them watch cartoons? The answer is obvious: so that primates stay calm during gassing since they were aware of what was happening to them. Macaques are indeed self-aware and capable of tremendous empathy. Yet the industrialists did not hesitate to condemn them.

Dieselgate is detrimental not only to guinea pigs, monkeys, humans and the planet, but also to car manufacturers who are trying to make their vehicles less polluting in an ethical way.

This scandal behind the scandal is extremely worrying. That the car industry is investing heavily in research and development to develop less and less polluting vehicles, all for the better! But how many animals are still at risk in this frantic commercial race?

One Voice are launching a petition demanding from all car manufacturers that they no longer subcontract any animal experience. Neither to test the pollution levels of their engines, nor to justify their progress as part of their development! With all the signatures, the association will ask each car manufacturer a firm commitment on this issue.

Sign the petition to say stop to animal testing in the car industry!

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Delphine | Thursday 01 February 2018

Indignée révoltée écoeurée

LOU | Wednesday 31 January 2018

Contre cette ignoble barbarie !!!!

Titi-fou-rire | Wednesday 31 January 2018

Certes, cette expérimentation animale est scandaleuse, mais ne l'est-ce pas encore plus qu'elle ait été faite aussi sur des humains? Et ce, sous le prétexte fallacieux de démontrer que les gaz d'échappement, en particulier du diesel, ne seraient pas si nocifs qu'on le prétend, alors qu'on sait fort bien qu'ils sont asphyxiants? L'expérience ne démontre rien, tout au plus que ces effets ne sont pas immédiats : ont verra bien dans combien de temps il y aura des malades graves, voire des morts!

Foxyves | Wednesday 31 January 2018

Scandaleux et cruel ... Que les responsables d'une telle initiative soient dénoncés et sévèrement punis. Que les constructeurs ayant utilisé cette méthode soient condamnés à de fortes amendes et qu'ils s'excusent publiquement pour avoir osé utiliser des êtres vivants pour tester la pollution de leurs véhicules. Je suis écœuré.