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Badger digging: One Voice launches a legal attack

Badger digging: One Voice launches a legal attack

Mis à jour le 14 June 2023

After an initial victory at the Dijon Administrative Tribunal, One Voice remains fully against badger digging, particularly in the spring when badger cubs are present in the setts. From Charente-Maritime in Oise to Lot-et-Garonne in Meuse, we are launching an extensive legal attack against this type of cruel hunting. The first interim hearings are in Limoges and Toulouse on 3 May, and in Poitiers, Amiens, and Caen on 9 May.

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Spring 2023 promises to be particularly dreadful for female badgers and their families. Dozens of prefectural decrees are in the process of being passed, everywhere in France, tosubject them to the hell of underground hunting with hounds right in the middle of the reproduction period. The warnings that we issue as part of the numerous public consultation proceedings and decisions by administrative tribunals in our favour mean nothing: prefectures, hand in hand with hunters, continue their campaign to authorise this type of hunting despite its illegality.

In the face of widespread aggression against badgers by the State and by hunters...

This huge attack has a goal: badgers, including their young, are wrongly accused of all evils to satisfy the morbid passions of diggers.

Like all decrees passed on the subject of hunting, they are subject to public participation procedures. And, in most departments, they are biased: the prefects do not communicate any data on the number of badgers living in the department or any figures on the number of individuals killed by hunters each year.

Yet, digging out in the spring threatens the very existence of these individuals in our countryside. There is a solid scientific consensus on the fact that the young are present in the setts during this period of the year and that killing them is detrimental to the balance of the species. But, preferring to rely on studies led by hunters themselves, the prefects ignore the scientific data and de facto authorise hunters to kill the young, in clear violation of the Environmental Code.

Not to mention animals from protected species such as bats, otters, or even wild cats, who sometimes also live in the burrows of these social architects.

...a pedagogical and legal counter-offensive by One Voice for these animals

Following our investigation revealing the horrors of digging out, we have supported the petition to obtain a ban on this practice on the Senate’s site. But the resulting report ‘revealed’ once again (as we suspected...) that our political representatives will not act without huge mobilisation from everyone. After the success of the first International Day for Badgers, One Voice and its partners are rallying again this year. On 15 May, we are organising numerous actions to raise awareness to rehabilitate these wrongly singled out and martyred animals, and to demand, once again, a pure and simple ban on underground hunting with hounds.

On the legal front, we will systematically attack any decree opening an additional digging out period in the spring. The decrees have already been passed: in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, we have filed an appeal as part of a united front with our partners (FNE Aura, LPO, ASPAS, and AVES).
In the departments of Manche, Oise, Orne, Charente-Maritime and even Haute-Vienne, we have urgently referred to the administrative tribunals to obtain a suspension on these decrees: urgent hearings have thus already been set on 3 May at 2:30pm in Toulouse (in the context of a joint referral with FNE 82, ASPAS, and Aves France, at which the Géo Avocats law firm will represent us) and at 3:30pm in Limoges on the same day, as well as on 9 May at 3:30pm in Poitiers, at 1:30 in Caen, and at 2pm in Amiens

To win this fight, we need you! Join us on the weekend before 15 May, throughout France, and sign the petition specifically demanding a protected species status for badgers!

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

Nicolas Yahyaoui
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Mel | Monday 26 June 2023

Stop aux traditions ridicules qui n'ont plus lieu d'être.

noe | Thursday 11 May 2023

Je n'arrive pas à comprendre comment des personnes peuvent être aussi cruelles et se réjouir de tuer de animaux quels qu'ils soient. J'ai beaucoup de mal à regarder la publicité sur la chasse qui passe sur les ondes , pour moi c'est antinomique d'être chasseur et de penser que l'on préserve la nature et qu'on la protège.
Nous sommes tous conscients qu'il faut arrêter de détruire tout ce qu'il y a autour de nous, merci pour tous les combats que vous menez.

chloe | Thursday 11 May 2023

CONTRE ce type de "chasse" cruel et abominable. Les Blaireaux sont des êtres magnifiques, sensibles et intelligents

Inge09 | Thursday 11 May 2023

C'est une honte que l'Etat admette toujours ces pratiques bestiales, pour le plaisir sadique de quelques idiots qui n'ont visiblement rien de mieux à faire de leur temps !!
Et que ça picole, et que ça rigole stupidement face à la détresse de ces pauvres animaux. Dans quel monde vivons nous ?
Il est temps d'interdire une fois pour toutes ces pratiques, que ce soit la vénerie sous terre, la chasse à courre, la chasse en enclos ou la chasse de gibier d'élevage et autres. Ces personnes devraient avoir honte de s'adonner à des activités de "loisir" aussi bêtes et inutiles !
Je ne dis pas qu'il ne faut pas parfois réguler le gibier lorsqu'il est présent en trop grand nombre comme peuvent l'être les sangliers ou chevreuils mais pas ça !
Ce n'est pas un sport comme le prétendent les adeptes.