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Australia: a huge thank you for your support!

Australia: a huge thank you for your support!

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Australia’s climate cataclysm has already destroyed more than 10 million hectares of forests and 40% of the country's biodiversity. Today, although the subject seems to have been forgotten by the media, the island continent is still burning though. As more than a billion animals have perished, local associations are scrambling to stand by the survivors. Thank you to all those who replenished our Solidarity Action Fund to bring them emergency aid!

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Photo credits: Animals Australia, Shoalheaven Bat Clinic, Vets for Compassion, Wildcare

We are delighted that you have responded overwhelmingly to our January 7th appeal for help for Australia! A huge thank you to all those who participated ... Your mobilization allowed us to relaunch our Solidarity Action Fund and quickly respond to the immense needs of this country still in the throes of flames!

Priority given to small associations

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to support the actions of local associations. We took advice from our Australian film partners Kangaroo to select serious and reliable structures, paying particular attention to those which were most cruelly lacking in resources.

  • Your donations will allow the Wildcare association to continue to feed and water animals surviving in devastated areas, for as long as necessary. Volunteers distribute fruit and vegetables to wildlife in distress over vast areas. But they were desperate to be able to continue their action because of the enormous cost of such a large amount of food (even bought in bulk at the best price), as well as the cost of gasoline to cover so many kilometres. Now the team has no obstacles in dealing with lonely animals, including the smallest of them. Baby kangaroos, koalas and orphaned possums receive special care. They are placed securely in cosy pouches or incubators and benefit from milk-based preparations.
  • The bats - largely forgotten in the list of victims and yet terribly affected by the fires - are treated at the Shoalheaven Bat Clinic. With great ingenuity, this small association has succeeded in creating an extraordinary place to take care of them. Thanks to you, a second aviary will be able to be built and accommodate other babies in distress.
  • Geco volunteers intervened after the forest fires, to preserve any form of life that remains there. They take care of damaged trees and flora as much as the animals that depend on them. Your help is of great importance to them in carrying out this titanic work.
  • At Vets for Compassion, volunteer veterinarians and their teams go to the scene of fires, in fact as close as possible to the animals' bedside, and thanks to your donations, with food and especially renewed medical supplies and equipment.
  • The funds allocated to the Wildlife Rescue South Coast association will enable it to help rebuild the nurseries as well as the reception and convalescent places destroyed in the bush for injured and burned animals.
  • Wires and Animals Australia are two large associations which redistribute funds to small structures they know.

A Colossal Task

We are very moved and happy to have been able to release a global aid of 78,000 € and to rescue, thanks to you, these beings who have lived through hell! We do not forget their fellows having perished in the flames, these images of panicked kangaroos trying in vain to flee, of surrounded koalas, in despair, resigned to the bite of the fire, of all these asphyxiated and burned animals ... The disaster and the sorrows are immense, but we know that thanks to the heart felt generosity that we share with you, millions of beings have been, or will be, saved. While their native land is still consumed and their situation is far from being stabilized, we remain mobilized and we know you are by our side.

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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Isabelle | Sunday 29 March 2020

Merci à vous One Voice d'être là !
Ils sont formidables tous ces animaux et méritent notre soutien !

Carotte | Monday 16 March 2020

Un grand merci à tous ceux qui participent et contribuent au sauvetage de tous ces petits êtres. Nous sommes tous en émoi devant leurs frimousses.

Lily | Saturday 14 March 2020

Triste et heureuse à la fois d'avoir contribué pour ces pauvres loulous. Un immense merci a tous, en espérant que cette incendie s'arrête .....

Ghislaine | Saturday 14 March 2020

Je suis très heureuse de l'aide apportée par les gens, merci pour eux , que dieu bénisse et merci pour tous ceux qui se mobilisent.