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At this very moment, an airline company based in Malta is sending monkeys to American laboratories!

At this very moment, an airline company based in Malta is sending monkeys to American laboratories!

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Our partner Action for Primates has been informed that a plane belonging to Maleth-Aero — an airline company based in Malta — has just left Cambodia with 360 long-tailed macaques on board and is heading towards Houston in Texas, destined for laboratories. We think that this airline company, whose parent company is AELF FlightService, has recently stepped in to take over the trade given up by others like Egyptair. We, Action for Primates, One Voice, PETA US, and Stop Camarles, are determined to track and campaign against all airline companies who continue to take part in this cruel and inhumane trade.

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During the last week, the same plane carried out another flight from Cambodia and one from Vietnam to the Dulles International Airport in the United States. We suspect that on these two occasions, the airline company transported monkeys for the research industry in order to be subjected in particular to toxicity testing (poisoning). After a stopover in Tbilisi in Georgia, the monkeys were made to take a journey totalling more than 21 hours including several hours on the ground. We have contacted American authorities to take part in our investigations when it comes to the welfare of the monkeys on board these flights.

Numerous airline companies, recently including Egyptair, Air France, and Kenya Airways, have put a stop to their involvement in this brutal worldwide trade. Subjecting sensitive and intelligent animals to the stress of being transported over long distances through numerous climates and time zones in order to send them to laboratories is inhumane.

Long-tailed macaques (native to Cambodia) have recently been classified as being an endangered species. They have therefore been put on the IUCN Red List. What is it that threatens them on an international level? The global research industry, the demand for which comes particularly from the United States, Japan, China, and the EU...

Send an email to Maleth-Aero urging the airline company to stop transporting monkeys for research purposes and for toxicity testing: and

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Animal testing: investigation from One Voice in Mauritius into long-tailed macaque breeding farms 'Monkeys Labs': from condoned mistreatment, proven trafficking, and health risks

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trochu | Saturday 03 September 2022

Rien qu'à voir cette photo, il y a de quoi se sentir mal et très mal avoir envie de pleurer car c'est à en pleurer vraiment, ces pauvres singes se demandent ce qu'il va leur arriver et où ils vont. Il est à se demander comment tous ces chercheurs peuvent enfermer, emprisonner, priver de liberté et torturer, commettre les pires des barbaries et cruautés envers ces singes, sans avoir le moindre scrupule ni remord, franchement ils manquent tous de sensibilité et n'ont aucune conscience et encore moins un coeur. Si intelligents sont ces singes et si sensibles, il est impensable en les voyant, de leur faire le moindre mal alors qu'ils sont des êtres vivants autant que nous et non "des cobayes" au service des humains. Et dire que trop de personnes s'apitoient encore sur le sort des malades humains et se laissent berner et endormir par la recherche médicale qui ne cesse de diffuser dans les médias et télévision, et qui incite fortement la population à "aider la recherche médicale par des dons", et personne ne se pose plus de questions à savoir mais à qui et à quoi on donne et à quoi va servir notre don, et ils ignorent qu'il va servir à torturer et mutiler des animaux et les tuer "juste pour la science", à vomir et vomir..

trochu | Thursday 01 September 2022

Mon Dieu ! 360 singes mais quelle horreur et quelle horreur, c'est plus que bouleversant et éprouvant d'apprendre cela, mes pensées profondes sont pour ces pauvres singes et MERCI ONE VOICE de traquer toutes les compagnies aériennes qui cautionnent et acceptent encore ces transports de la honte.