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At the circus Lydia Zavatta, one even "trains" humans

At the circus Lydia Zavatta, one even "trains" humans

Mis à jour le 23 November 2018

The circus people have struck again! Once again, one of our activist’s was assaulted while peacefully campaigning for animal-free marquees. The case took place in La Queue-en-Brie on October 24th. Violence against and against all seems to be the key word in the oppressors of wildlife. Violence towards and against everything seems to be the key word for this oppressor of the wild life.

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Open-mindedness and dialogue are definitely not the strong point of some circuses. It must be said that when one has the habit of exercising one's power over big cats, why stop there when confronting a defenceless woman, whose only protection is a camera and some disturbing questions?

An activist assaulted

Christine Laure (this is a pseudonym) one of our faithful activists, has suffered a bitter experience. It was on October 24th, in La Queue-en-Brie (Val de Marne). Where the circus Lydia Zavatta had settled for a few days in this town, our sympathizer went on the spot to take a series of shots of the lions, tigers, camels, llamas, dromedaries, zebus and horses let to vegetate outside of the marquee.

Particularly moved by the stereotypical behaviour of the felines and appalling conditions of their detention. Christine then went to the store (a large toy store outlet) whose car park housed fairgrounds.  Her objective was to make the store aware of the plight of these animal hostages who are used in live shows. It went very badly ... At the reception, she found herself face to face with two circus people, then a third who, according to her testimony, first outrageously insulted her when she asked them politely if It was conceivable to exercise their profession without the use of animals. Despite the flood of insults that rained down on her and the order to "clear off", Christine did not leave, she kept her ground. She reported that within five minutes, one of the men grabbed her upper arm and wrist violently to then force her out. The result of the operation: The filing of a complaint against the alleged aggressor and suffering from sharp pains with four-days unable to work. 

Violence as a profession

The misadventure of Christine Laure is unfortunately not an isolated case. As recently as last September, other members of our team have also suffered brutality from different circuses in the city of Narbonne. Faced with such acts, it is clear that engaging in a semblance of constructive reflection with hardened advocates of mistreatment is an impossible task. Hostility and violence are customary within this environment. One only has to witness the state of absolute distress of these lions, tigers and other wild animal victims, hidden away in boxes between performances where they are to be transformed into clowns, to be otherwise convincing.

Arm wrestling

However, we are not relenting our efforts. Since it is a fight that must be fought, we pursue it. As peaceful warriors, but as warriors all the same. To save the lions and tigers owned by the owners of Lydia Zavatta, we therefore lodge a complaint against this circus and we will continue to campaign against all of these oppressors of the wild, the one’s called "tamers", for as long as they are there. You can help us in this fight by supporting our petition and as well as mobilizing you can contact your councils and supermarkets who still host these "entertainers" from a bygone. However, avoid direct confrontation if you value your wrists. The story of Christine Laure is a testimony to this.

Pictures : Christine Laure

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Stéphane | Saturday 08 December 2018

Il faut arrêter de cautionner ce genre de spectacles ignobles et boycotter tous ces cirques , en attendant que les communes (heureusement de plus en plus nombreuses) les interdisent définitivement.

chris | Thursday 29 November 2018

C'est à nous tous qu'il appartient de boycotter tous ces cirques qui font de l'argent en utilisant des êtres vivants.Un grand merci à tous ces hommes et femmes qui se mobilisent au quotidien pour dénoncer toute cette souffrance animale, mais c'est un travail de grande envergure car il existe tellement d'humains qui pensent que les animaux ne ressentent pas la douleur, la tristesse, l'isolement et surtout que l'animal quel qui soit a été créé pour servir l'homme dans tous les sens du terme. il faut que les mentalités changent cela prendra du temps malheureusement.

patrizia | Sunday 18 November 2018

C'est à nous de réagir en ne cautionnant pas ce type de spectacle.
Comment rester insensible aux conditions de vie de ces animaux et des trafics qui peuvent en découler !
L'homme est vraiment le pire des prédateurs...

Aline | Friday 16 November 2018

ça suffit laissez les animaux tranquille dans la nature là où est leur place. Toujours l'argent au détriment des animaux stop on ne veut plus voir ça