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At Saint-Paul Park, a baby tiger and a young audience in danger!

At Saint-Paul Park, a baby tiger and a young audience in danger!

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At Parc Saint-Paul, in the Oise department (60), the animal keeper Kid Bauer exhibits a baby tiger as a trophy. Extremely objectified, the little beast passes from hand to hand without care or precaution, and undergoes long photography sessions on the knees of the children. This “attraction” presents as many risks for the feline as for the young public. We are filing a complaint against this establishment.

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Come here, ladies and gentlemen ... And especially the children! A baby tiger awaits you, almost in "free access", under the tent in Saint-Paul park, in the Oise department (60). Keeper Kid Bauer places his new mascot at your disposal to play with, to rock like a baby and to kiss! Your little one can even be photographed with the animal in their arms, against a 10 euro note. A “marvellous” opportunity to immortalize this “magic” moment where a one-and-a-half-month-old animal is man handled like a toy and in a state of intense stress is placed for a few seconds on the lap of your child… Before it is then passed around on to someone else's lap !

Caresses and mistreatment

The attraction is a great success ... So, think, who would not be seduced by this adorable fur ball, as harmless as a soft toy, presented by trainers as a lover of cuddles? The queue is long, toddlers are thrilled ... At their age, it is impossible to imagine that adults can tell and / or do anything ... However, the young feline does not need all of them these outstretched hands or the constant chain of caresses... On the contrary, they are terrifying to this baby tiger! Between the blinding neon lights, the deafening din, the oppressing crowd, being carried about by members of staff, the hundreds of unknown fingers foraging through its coat, this poor baby has to endure this ordeal.

Sanitary risks

Our investigators reported a video testifying to the multiple traumatic sources to which the baby is subjected. The only love that his eyes crave is that of his mother, from whom he was snatched! The unhappy mother is also probably looking for him. Besides, where is she hiding? Her baby is not even weaned yet! We have forwarded these images to Dr. Chris Draper for expertise. The biologist, specialist in the welfare of captive wild animals within the Born Free Foundation, worries as we do about the treatment of this fragile feline. In addition, he underlines the risks that constant handling represents for the baby’s health as well as that of the young audience who touch him:

« There is a risk of disease transmission: neither children nor the baby tiger have yet fully developed their immune systems. »

We must therefore react urgently and not let this situation continue!

We are filing a complaint against this establishment and demanding the seizure of the little tiger and its mother. We have the logistics and infrastructure to welcome them and keep everyone, including cats and humans safe !

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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Franck | Saturday 05 October 2019

Quand est-ce que l'homme deviendra intelligent?

Valentine | Friday 02 August 2019


Je suis consternée par l'utilisation abusive des animaux dans ce parc que je fréquentais enfant (il n’y avait alors que des VRAIES attractions)

Corinne | Tuesday 21 May 2019

Je ne pensais pas que cela puisse exister en France. C'est vraiment affreux pour ce bébé tigre et sa maman. Ces dresseurs ne devraient jamais plus avoir le droit de s'occuper d'animaux.

Ornithoptera | Monday 13 May 2019

Comment peut-il être détenteur d'une capacité pour s'occuper de fauves et d'un point de vue matériel comment est comptabilisé l'argent qu'il demande pour transformer ce pauvre petit animal en jouet ? Les parents qui font des selfies de leurs enfants, sont quant à eux aussi responsables. On nous parle de respecter la nature et l'environnement, il faudrait déjà arrêter tous les parcs soi-disant pédagogiques qui ne pensent qu'à faire de l'argent sur le dos des animaux et qui nuisent à la juste perception que les gens devraient en avoir.