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Armani chooses a more humane fashion !

Armani chooses a more humane fashion !

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He is a big name in fashion and his choice is tremendously hopeful. Armani announced today that he was giving up fur as a result of his work with the Fur Free Alliance and One Voice. Bravo !

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Beauty does not mean cruelty! After Hugo Boss, it is now Armani that continues this beautiful commitment in the luxury sector against the real fur industry.

These big brands send a strong signal to the fashion world but also provide a concrete response to the growing demand for ethical and sustainable fashion.

Armani therefore abandons all genuine furs, including rabbit, from their autumn / winter 2016 collection. This great decision comes to a conclusion after working and consulting with the Fur Free Alliance and One Voice. This is an international coalition of which we are a member alongside more than forty other associations from around the world, who are all determined to stop the fur trade.

Giorgio Armani: "I am pleased to announce that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to ban animal fur from its collections. The technological progress of recent years provides us with valuable alternatives that make it unnecessary to resort to cruel methods with regard to animals. Continuing a process that began a long time ago, my company is now taking a big step forward, reflecting our commitment to the critical issues of protecting and preserving the environment and animals."

Most of the fur used by the fashion industry comes from farms in which wild animals are locked in small cages and killed by cruel methods for the sole purpose of preserving the quality of their coat (gassing and electrocution by way of the anus...). Fur production also has a high environmental cost and poses serious health problems due to the use of heavy metals.

Besides Hugo Boss and Armani, other well-known brands have already committed to the cause, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney. They have therefore clearly expressed the influence of the ethical choices from a new generation of consumers ...

Farms are banned in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria and Croatia, showing a growing awareness of the suffering of animals. Armani's decision will save thousands of lives. No future for fur!

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Soumaya | Thursday 07 September 2017

Quid du cuir, duvet et autres plumes ?

corifa | Friday 08 July 2016

Merci, Monsieur Armani pour votre prise de position. Je souhaite que de nombreux autres créateurs suivent votre exemple.

Valou | Thursday 24 March 2016

Enfin! Un peu de douceur dans ce milieu de brutes...
Pourvu que les autres créateurs suivent le même chemin!

Raorue | Thursday 24 March 2016

Bravo et mille mercis !