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AnimalPetition: Stop the suffering in the laboratories

AnimalPetition: Stop the suffering in the laboratories

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One Voice has launched a new campaign with its partners in the European Coalition. Objective: an awareness in favour of the animals who are objects for experiments.

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If a light tone has been chosen, the problem is none the less extremely serious. What is happening behind these lab doors, many still do not know. One Voice and its ECEAE * partners have chosen humour to alert as many people as possible.

These dogs and cats that make us laugh and share our lives; these fellow creatures of all kinds are exploited in the worst possible way and they are the same. With the same needs, the same desire to live, the same joys, the same sorrows ... And yet, some inflict terrible pain on them ... Outside the laboratories, these practices would be condemned as acts of cruelty!

Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs and all these animals are exploited in laboratories, they can undergo over many years’ invasive experiments, that cause acute pain! And when they are not being experimented on, they are locked in cold empty cages, without seeing the light of day, terrified to hear footsteps approaching ... those who have the chance to share their lives with us, One Voice hopes to draw attention to them. We do not cross them in the streets, we never see traces of them, we do not hear their screams of pain ... This torture is discreet and hidden. Everything is done for us to forget it.

But that's enough! They certainly do not have a human companion to love them, but they are nonetheless sensitive! Their fate must be known to all, together, stop this torture! Science now has other effective methods that can save lives. It's time to implement them ...

Please sign and share the AnimalPetition here:

And to learn more about these animals, check out One Voice reports:

* ECEAE: European Coalition to End Animal Experimentation

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Animal testing: investigation from One Voice in Mauritius into long-tailed macaque breeding farms 'Monkeys Labs': from condoned mistreatment, proven trafficking, and health risks

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marie | Friday 16 June 2017

Cela fait des années que je vote pour abolir la souffrance animale dans toute ses formes et je continuerai à vous aider.

Odile | Monday 16 January 2017

Les conditions de vie et les souffrances endurées par les animaux dans les laboratoires et autres sans la moindre éthique vis à vis de ces êtres vivants et dans l'impunité la plus totale n'est plus supportable. Il est temps que l'homme prenne conscience que l'animal n'est pas une chose. La science nous a pourtant confirmé une évidence, à savoir que la frontière entre l'homme et l'animal n'est pas aussi nette, qu'il y a de l'intelligence au sein du vivant quel qu'il soit et que nous n'avons pas encore tout découvert du monde animal si mystérieux.

BENE | Thursday 25 August 2016


Tanya | Friday 20 May 2016

Arrêtez la souffrance et les expériences sur les animaux.