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Animal testing management: a Maleth Aero flight is going to transport monkeys from Indonesia to the United States

Animal testing management: a Maleth Aero flight is going to transport monkeys from Indonesia to the United States

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Maleth Aero, an airline company based in Malta, has a flight currently en route to Jakarta in Indonesia. We are worried that it has just collected monkeys destined to be used for research and toxicity testing (poisoning). In recent weeks, Maleth Aero has already transported several hundred long-tailed macaques from Cambodia and Vietnam to laboratories in the United States.

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This year, Action for Primates has published poignant images revealing the cruel capture of wild macaques in Indonesia for the global animal testing trade. Wild monkeys who, a few hours earlier, were living freely with their familial group in the Indonesian forests. They were brutally captured, the babies taken away from their mothers, and the ‘”undesirable” alpha males beaten and killed.

Maleth Aero, whose parent company is AELF FlightService, is the latest airline company to date to be implicated in the brutal global transport of monkeys. It is a terrifying and traumatising ordeal for sensitive and intelligent animals, and it is harrowing to know the horrendous fate that awaits them on arrival.

Action for Primates (UK), One Voice (France), and Stop Camarles (Spain) in Europe and PETA in the United States are calling on Maleth Aero to stop transporting these endangered macaques for laboratories, and to join the numerous other airline companies who refuse to play a role in this cruel and immoral trade. To date, we have not had a response to our previous messages; we are therefore chasing it up. Add your voice to ours to put an end to this cruel trade in monkeys’ lives by sending an email:

Stephen Haire, Head of the Sales Department at Maleth Aero, email
You can copy in: Lee Jones, Maleth Aero Chief Executive, and Michael O'Brien, Maleth Aero Founder & Managing Director,

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Atrocity and abundance of animal experimentation projects in France: the banality of everyday life One Voice is asking France to encourage alternative methods to animal testing in the EU

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Ia | Friday 30 September 2022

Stop this cruelty, please!

trochu | Friday 23 September 2022

À en pleurer, car ça continue d'arracher des singes à leurs endroits naturels et aux leurs pour approvisionner les laboratoires de la honte et de l'horreur et comment est-ce encore possible ? C'est plus que bouleversant et révoltant, et à se demander vraiment si même ces personnages qui les traquent et les attrapent ont une âme et une intelligence du coeur, et de l'empathie et sensibilité, bien sûr que non, car sinon ils refuseraient de cautionner un tel trafic. Il est impossible de se sentir bien et fier d'être "humain" lorsque l'on voit et que l'on sait tout ce qui se passe au quotidien pour ces êtres vivants, ici des singes si intelligents, astucieux, émotionnels et presque humains eux aussi. Il faut informer et faire pression sur les autorités concernées de ces pays dans lesquels ces pauvres animaux vivent et sont exploités ignoblement pour assouvir la soif de puissance et de gloire de tous ces chercheurs qui sont tout sauf DES HUMAINS !

Joyce | Friday 23 September 2022


Sara | Friday 23 September 2022