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Angora rabbits: the fight continues

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Following the mid-September revelations from One Voice’s investigation into the French angora rabbit industry, the campaign is in full swing… all over the world!

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One Voice went public on the 15th of September with the shocking images of angora rabbits in French farms, where they are being exploited for their wool. Over a several month period, One Voice investigators went undercover in this industry and filmed the epilations showing the rabbits crying in pain. They witnessed their skin being torn off with their fur, and the solitude of these rabbits, who live in tiny cold and uncomfortable cages. They experienced first-hand the odour of ammonia coming from the uncollected urine. They discovered how the farmers treated them, who seem to have forgotten that these rabbits are sensitive beings.

Our images around the world!

The images have now done a tour of the globe. Following on from the Chinese angora rabbits in PETA's investigation, their French counterparts have made news in Vietnam, Japan, South America, the United States and in England! As for Italy and Germany, our partners there are preparing the campaign launch with our images, as in Denmark where headlines were recently made with the leading newspaper there. It is no longer possible for consumers to ignore the suffering of these rabbits tormented for their wool. An unprecedented worldwide mobilisation is underway… Our petition has already collected more than 49,000 signatures!

Our action

One Voice has filed a complaint against one of the farmers who had admitted to selling certain cancerous rabbits to an experimental laboratory. A letter has also been sent to the French Minister for Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, to ask him to outlaw these farms, along with the angora business. We have asked him to participate in a meeting with PETA France in which we will hand him the petition signatures to add weight to our request…

You can help in several ways:

  • Continue to sign and share the petition!
  • And evidently, stop wearing angora and send us your clothes containing angora, along with those of your friends and family. They will be sent on to our partner refuges to provide comfort and warmth to abandoned cats this winter.
  • Support our action and allow us to follow through with these investigations.

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Laurence | Monday 17 October 2016

Là aussi, j'espère une prise de conscience au niveau mondial, stop à la souffrance des animaux, tout aussi insupportable que la souffrance des humains.

ANNICK | Monday 17 October 2016

PLUS JAMAIS ça une horreur