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Angora: a vintage and trendy cruel fashion

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While more and more big brands are turning away from angora, American Vintage - a French company - continues to use it in the making of some of its clothes. Let's support Peta France's call to make them listen to reason!

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American Vintage claims a philosophy based on being essential, natural, with finesse and well-being: "A fashion of its time that restores its nobility to the notions of simplicity and authenticity."1

Alas, the smoothness of the sales arguments should not make us forget the barbarism of certain practices… The beautiful spirit of this French clothing brand seems to be lost when procuring some of its “basic” compounds… that being angora! The soft sweater that awaits your shoulders to cover them tenderly, was made at a price from the untold suffering of rabbits tortured for their hair !

100% "harsh" wool

Peta France launched a campaign requesting American Vintage to stop using angora. But the company continues to turn a deaf ear to this request. It has merely made its self-scarce, in reaction to publishing a statement referring to audits and controls of its Chinese suppliers. This is equivalent to a non-response: whatever its operating mode, any reference to an ethical angora does not exist! Our surveys in 2016 and 2018, in 6 French farms, have shown that the production of this wool is cruel, including in our country ... Rabbits are screaming in pain everywhere !

Let us be heard!

We therefore urge you to support the campaign of Peta France and to contact American Vintage to ask them to give up maintaining this sector of horror. Between the abominable conditions of detention that these rabbits live in (tiny and sordid hutches), their hair removal or radical shearing once they are held down (hairs plucked out one by one for long hours or even by hand, sometimes it means tearing out the skin) several times a year and at the end of their life to finish in laboratories or to be slaughtered. There is no shortage of arguments to denounce this industry !

You can react or act on social networks and brand accounts:

or send your letters by post to the attention of the management of the company, at the address of its head office: American Vintage - 84 allée de Stockholm - 83870 Signes.


Marie-Sophie Bazin
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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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Alexis | Monday 13 May 2019

Arrêtons ce massacre !

Marie | Monday 13 May 2019

Stop angora, stop à la torture des lapins en France comme en Chine ou ailleurs.

Luna | Monday 13 May 2019

Non à la torture.....

Birgit | Monday 13 May 2019

Ignoble et insoutenable ??