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An outcry for the rats: Paris may be eternal but Paris is cruel!

An outcry for the rats: Paris may be eternal but Paris is cruel!

Mis à jour le 23 March 2018

Eradication! While several factors explain the increased visibility of rats in some parts of the capital, the Paris’ mayor’s office is sinking into empty gestures, ineffective and cruel measures, to always appear squeaky clean. The animals that populate the city since its creation would no longer have rights to exist? A shameful and pointless demonization.

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It is a media-crazed TV and social networks coverage aimed at reminding people about the action plan against rats implemented by the City of Paris. Tourists, dustmen, residents ... All the possible fears and fantasies are heard to give credibility to the message: proliferation equals eradication. Being under stress allows  misinterpretation of these problems and presents this to the public as a lifesaving action when it is outdated. Delirious and prompt measures like these despicable "rat guillotines" are billed on a monthly basis and which by eradicating a few rodents will claim the " problem " is solved.

Where is the problem?

Rats have populated Paris since its creation. These social, mobile and very intelligent rodents are in fact our commensal partners: they live, drink, reproduce but in proportion to the opportunities of their environment. In all cities, by their underground life, rarely terrestrial by day and in direct contact with humans, they are present. And useful for cleaning rubbish left here or there by those who point the finger.

Health risk, visual discomfort, fears, phobia? The aesthetics of the politicians is very much alive, in these days of rising waters, in a context of cosmetics for tourists and soon to come Olympic Games. Tomorrow, it will be cats, victims of abandonment, which will have to be removed from the public landscape. One Voice rebels!

As an expert pointed out, these urban rats are not inevitably more numerous, they are simply more in view because of factors disturbing their environment ... natural. To warn, to cry out on animal populations that are self-regulating, without managing the real problems (floods, management of canals and waste), are short-sighted rantings.

To pretend to eradicate rats from a city like Paris is nonsense. The committed budgets represent, on the proposed axes, an incredible waste that is reminiscent of some reports ... But above all, on the part of elected officials concerned with respect for animal life, it is an easy and deadly bias, in short, it is disgusting.

One Voice invites everyone to take the measure of the level of intelligence and social skills of these rodents that are so vilified. Paris has already sought to relegate rats as harmful and also dedicating them to animal experimentation. Please, a little respect is indeed!

Madame Hidalgo, nobody believes in your ability to eradicate rats from Paris, if so needed. Clean the garbage in front of your own door, or ours, and you will see that the rats, without even the sound of your pipe, will be more discreet. #Pest #Cruelty

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camille75 | Saturday 10 February 2018

Le plus nuisible n'est pas celui que l'on croit ...
Et A.Hidalgo ferait mieux de mettre des moyens conséquents pour nettoyer la ville de Paris dont le degré de saleté est honteux non pas à cause des rats mais de l'incivilité de beaucoup d'humains et leur manque de respect -

Hoffnung5 | Friday 09 February 2018

Je n'ai rien à ajouter au commentaire de "Une voix pour les animaux qui n'en ont pas !" Je pense exactement la même chose !

nickie | Friday 09 February 2018

Rien à ajouter, entièrement d'accord avec tous ces commentaires

nickie | Friday 09 February 2018

rien à ajouter, tellement je suis d'accord avec tous ces commentaires !