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An intolerable life sentence for Dumba the elephant

An intolerable life sentence for Dumba the elephant

Mis à jour le 23 November 2018

We continue to demand that the suffering of this elephant comes to an end. One Voice is fighting for the Cirque de Paris to stop exhibiting this exhausted animal like all the other animals it also shamefully exploits.

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Forty years of loneliness and stress

From a young age and now at 41, Dumba lives the drama of the animals of circuses. In an immense solitude, this elephant languishes in a life sentence of misery in prison conditions. For many years, with our partners of the FAADA Foundation and the support of the Catalan authorities, we have asked its "owners" to bring, at the very least, its facilities up to the required standards. Nothing works. However, animals in general and Dumba in particular have nothing to do with life under these blasted tents.

Observations, nothing but observations

The observations made by the veterinarians, who evaluated Dumba from videos and photographs, are without appeal. Dr. Yon holds a PhD in Animal Physiology. She has been working on elephants and studying them for twenty years. Dr. Jaume Fatjo holds a doctorate in animal behaviour. He is a graduate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine. What do they tell us?

"It appears that this elephant has a significantly lower NEC (Body Condition Score) than was observed in Asian elephants in freedom; knowing that wild elephants generally have a lower NEC than captive elephants, there is something to worry about here... For us, it is clear that this elephant is very clearly underweight. This may be due to: an inappropriate diet, and / or a health problem that renders it unable to properly ingest, digest and metabolize the food available to it, and / or some other kind of systemic disease. Whatever the cause, it must be remedied urgently: it is for the health and well-being of this elephant ".

They added: "In addition, as veterinarians, we are concerned about the postures and positions of the elephant on these photographs. Some of these positions (the elephant standing on its hind legs, or sitting on a stool) are not natural for elephants and put strain on his joints. Such positions are of concern if the elephant is forced to adopt them as part of regular and repeated activities, as this carries a high risk of degenerative disease affecting various joints in her back, hips, limbs and feet. We have serious concerns about the health and well-being of this elephant, and we consider that an examination and evaluation of this animal is urgently needed. "

What more can be said? These words are terrifying. Observations, nothing but observations.

Now facts, nothing but facts

The elephant Dumba is now in the hands of the Cirque de Paris. The owners have a multitude of entertainment companies and all exploit animals. They have made a specialty of challenging the authorities. We continue to intervene with the authorities or the courts to try to save all the animals held by these circuses. They are numerous and of all kinds: lions, zebras, elephants, pythons, hippos, bovids, camels, dromedaries and domestic animals. Many of these beings are illegally detained, in regards to the regulations that we criticize.

We must free Dumba from the yoke of his trainers

We still remember our friendship and our admiration for the Circus families who had the courage to turn their back on a centuries-old and barbaric tradition, abandoning shows that included animals. The circus of Paris and others are not among them.

They continue to live from animal exploitation. We will continue our fight, with strength and determination, such as Jean Valjean.

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Daniel Ellezam
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Pascale Fontaine | Sunday 21 October 2018

De nombreux pays ont interdits les cirques avec animaux sauvages. Il serait temps que la France suive leur exemple et se rallie à l'opinion du célèbre André Joseph Bouglione...

FV75ç147 | Saturday 20 October 2018

l'escalade des cruautés envers les animaux ne prouve qu'une chose, une déshumanisation progressive de la société humaine, une barbarisation du monde, un plaisir de torturer ceux qui ne peuvent s'exprimer face à un système monstrueux sur le mode pervers que l'on a déjà connu dans les heures sombres.
L'éléphante ci-dessus est très intelligente. Elle est contrainte d'exécuter des gestes et des postures humiliantes premièrement, et pour quelqu'un d'intelligent comme elle, c'est énorme. Ensuite, elle affecte son organisme en se contraignant. Nous ne savons pas comment elle est cassée psychologiquement par ailleurs, ou quels coups elle se prend dans les coulisses. On voit un comportement totalement pervers, malade au dernier degré. On doit l'arrêter. Qu'il se manifeste contre quelque groupe humain que ce soit, ou quelque groupe animal que ce soit, ou quelque humain que ce soit, ou quelque animal que ce soit. Les mêmes mécanismes conduisent aux mêmes horreurs.

jacquot | Saturday 20 October 2018

Aucun animal ne devrait etre détenus dans les cirques, ce ne sont pas leurs place, ils serait mieux dans leur milieu naturel

NS | Saturday 20 October 2018

J’aime pas voir les animaux ni dans les cirques ni dans les zoos ???

Il faut l’interdire comme en suédé !!!!

Je déteste les gens qui trouve ça beau parce que ils ne pensent pas à l’animal !