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An award-winning breeder who beats his dogs: we are filing a complaint

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One of many hunting festivals is happening this weekend in Roquebrune-sur-Argens. An award-winning breeder beats his dogs… but a witness filmed the scene there and sent it to us. We are filing a complaint for abuse committed by a professional (a crime)!

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When one of our supporters found themselves face to face with this hunter-breeder in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, it made sparks. The man, an award-winner for his Porcelaine dog breeding during the Diane Roquebrunoise hunting festival taking place this Sunday 4 July 2021, keeps his dogs in a wire kennel, hitting them with what strongly resembles the handle of a whip. The poor dog being filmed, collapsed on the ground, terrified and beaten, undoubtedly must feel all the love that hunters clearly feel for their dogs…

It’s lucky that one of the participants of the ‘happening’, organised by the VESEA (Living Together Without Animal Exploitation) group, was filming at that moment. We are filing a complaint for abuse committed by a professional – an aggravated offence – because, once more, these acts of violence against animals cannot go unpunished.

During the verbal exchange, the breeder, leaving with a handful of prizes including one for best breeder – you couldn’t make it up! – doesn’t even seem to be aware that his behaviour was disgraceful. He beat them all successively and when confronted about it by an opponent he said: “Ah well, what can you do?!”. Hunters cannot continue to treat dogs as objects to be exploited, mercilessly having to obey like they are robots. They are sensitive beings and must be protected. We are there to ensure that happens.

Translated from  the French by Joely Justice

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